Encore Pet Friendly PIR Motion Detector w/ Tamper


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The DSC EC301DP Encore is a hardwired pet-friendly PIR motion sensor that provides reliable detection for motion across its coverage area. The device functions using a Fresnel lens that actively looks for changes across its coverage area. Purchase the DSC EC301DP from the Alarm Grid shop.
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The DSC EC301DP Encore Pet Friendly PIR Motion Detector with Tamper uses a Fresnel lens to detect changes in infrared energy that are caused by motion. The Fresnel lens is controlled by an advanced microprocessor to provide consistent detection across the sensor's complete coverage area.

The sensor of the DSC EC301DP uses digital signal analysis and multi-level signal processing (MLSP) to distinguish between motion from humans and motion caused by other sources. And with digital temperature compensation, the sensor will continue to work properly when the room is the same temperature as the human body. The device is pet-friendly, and it will provide pet immunity for small animals weighing up to 60 pounds.

The maximum coverage area of the DSC EC301DP is 50 by 60 feet using its standard wall-to-wall lens. There is also an optional corridor lens that provides a detection range of 80 by 10.5 feet, which is ideal for deep and narrow areas. There are also curtain and pet alley lenses available. The device can be easily mounted using an optional swivel-mount bracket.

Please note that this version of the DSC Encore PIR Sensor includes pet immunity. DSC also produces another version of this sensor, the EC301D, that does not include this feature.

Brand: DSC

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