DSC PC5601

Status Indicator Light for DSC PowerSeries

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The DSC PC5601 is a light-up status model for DSC PowerSeries Systems. The accessory consists of an LED light that lets you know the current status of your DSC PowerSeries system. Please note that it is not compatible with newer DSC PowerSeries NEO Panels. Buy the DSC PC5601 from Alarm Grid.
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The DSC PC5601 is an accessory for original DSC PowerSeries Alarm Panels that lights up a different color, depending upon the system's current arming status. The accessory is helpful for users who want to get a quick glance at their system to see whether or not it is currently armed.

It is important to note that the DSC PC5601 is compatible with original DSC PowerSeries Panels only. Compatible systems include the PC1616, PC1832, PC1864, PC580, PC585, PC1565, PC501X, and PC5020 However, it is not compatible with the DSC PowerSeries NEO Alarm Panels. For NEO users, you can check your system's current status by looking at its keypad or by viewing the Alarm.com Mobile App. But if you have a compatible DSC PowerSeries System, then you may consider the DSC PC5601. Please note that the unit will only show the status of Partition 1 on the system.

To set up the DSC PC5601, simply complete the 4-wire connection between the unit and your DSC PowerSeries Panel. The module uses the same connections as any keypads that are used with the system. The panel terminals are labeled RED, BLK, YEL, and GRN. Alternatively, you can also wire it to the back of any keypad used with the system, instead of the main control panel itself. The device includes a wiring harness for easy connecting with the panel or keypad. You can then very conveniently mount the DSC PC5601 in any single-gang electrical box, or you can mount it directly onto an interior wall. No programming is needed to use the unit. Complete the wired connections, and mount to finish.

The tri-colored LED light on the DSC PC5601 is the product's main highlight, and you determine your system's current status based on the behavior of this LED. The list below shows the different types of LED behavior:

  • Solid Green - Ready to Arm
  • Flashing Green - Not Ready to Arm
  • Solid Red - Armed Stay
  • Flashing Red - Armed Away
  • Flashing Amber - System Alarm

The DSC PC5601 is housed in a tough plastic enclosure, and it fits nicely with most home or office décor. The color-coded connecting harness comes included with the unit. Many users will use the PC5601 alongside a key fob to confirm that their system was armed successfully. The device draws up to 30mA of current from the panel, so make sure to consider that in your load calculation. The unit measures 4.375"L x 2.6875"W x 0.6875"D. It is for indoor use only.


  • Device Type: System Status LED Indicator Module
  • LED Light: Tri-Color - Green, Red, and Amber
  • Compatibility: DSC PowerSeries - PC1616, PC1832, PC1864, PC580, PC585, PC1565, PC501X, and PC5020
  • Connection: 4-Wire Connection at Keypad Bus
  • Voltage: 12VDC Nominal
  • Current Draw: 30mA Maximum
  • Partition Support: For Partition 1 Only
  • Enclosure: Plastic
  • Color: White
  • Installation: Single-Gang Bracket or Interior Wall Mount
  • Dimensions: 4.375"L x 2.6875"W x 0.6875"D
  • Operating Temperature: 32°F to 120°F
  • Operating Humidity: 5% to 93%, Non-Condensing
  • Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor Use Only

Brand: DSC

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