Wireless PowerG PIR Pet Friendly Motion Detector

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The PG9904P Wireless PowerG PIR Pet Friendly Motion Detector is a passive infrared (PIR) motion sensor that works with PowerG-compatible systems. True Motion Recognition technology helps prevent false alarms caused by moving objects. Purchase the PG9904P Motion Sensor for your system here.
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The DSC PG9904P is passive infrared (PIR) motion sensor that works with PowerG compatible systems. The device is excellent for residential and commercial applications in detecting the presence of intruders. It offers pet-immunity for small animals up to 85 pounds and a coverage area of up to 90 feet.

As a PIR motion sensor, the PG9904P responds to significant changes in infrared energy that are present with human movement. The device features True Motion Recognition to properly distinguish between the movement of a human and the movement of an inanimate object. This is great for reducing false alarms. It also utilizes Target Specific Imaging Technology to recognize the differences between humans and pets.

Like all PowerG Sensors, the PG9904P operates at 915MHz and boasts an incredibly impressive range. With a clear line of sight, the device can send signals to a system from a maximum distance of up to 2 kilometers. It also features 128-bit AES encryption to protect it against any wireless hacking attempts. This motion can be installed a in a wide range of applications ranging from an apartment to a widespread industrial complex. The wireless range and reliability defeats the traditional concept and limitations of wireless motion detection.

NOTE: The maximum range for a PowerG Sensor when used with an IQ Panel 2 Plus System is only 2,000 feet in open air. This is considerably less than the advertised 2km range. The 2km range refers to when a PowerG Sensor is used with a DSC PowerSeries NEO System.

Brand: DSC

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