DSC PG9945 - PowerG 915Mhz Wireless Door/Window Contact Reviews

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Great PowerG Contact!
Submitted on 12/13/2019 Alarm Grid

The DSC PG9945 is a wireless PowerG Door and Window Contact. It is used to let a compatible security system know when a door or window has been opened and closed. The sensor is known for its extremely long wireless signal range and its encrypted communication. However, it does have a rather small magnet spacing gap allowance, and it is somewhat of a bulky sensor. But its strengths outweigh its weaknesses, and it is a good sensor all-around. We give it a 5-Star rating.

There are many things we like about the DSC PG9945. For one, it has a really impressive wireless signal, that can communicate from up to 2 km away from certain system types. This gives you great flexibility in choosing a location for the sensor. It is also quite useful if you are using the sensor in an area with many metal objects and other structures that could cause interference. Anyone needing a sensor for use in a warehouse, factory, or other area with a lot of interference will definitely want to consider PowerG Sensors if they have a compatible system. We also like the wireless encryption that PowerG Sensors like the PG9945 use. Like all PowerG Sensors, the PG9945 communicates using military-grade 128-bit AES encryption. This makes it virtually impossible for others to hack or take over wirelessly. Finally, we like the fact that the PG9945 has an auxiliary input for use with Normally Open, Normally Closed, and Single End-of-Line devices. The wired device will connect with the PG9945, and the sensor will communicate with the system on its behalf. This is great if you want to use a non-powered wired security device with your PowerG System.

But there are some downsides to the DSC PG9945. For one, it has a rather small magnet spacing gap allowance, as DSC states that the sensor should be within 1/4 of an inch from the magnet when the door or window is closed. Remember to test the sensor after installation so that you can be sure that the magnet and sensor are aligned properly. Another downside to the DSC PG9945 is that it is somewhat of a bulky door and window sensor. It is rather large when compared with another PowerG door and window contact, the DSC PG9303. However, the DSC PG9945 is less expensive than the PG9303, so if you don't mind the size, then this can be the better option. Also, only the PG9945 has the auxiliary input. There are certainly many situations where it is best to choose the PG9945 over the PG9303. But if you are looking for the thinnest sensor, then you should go with the PG9303 instead.

All things considered, we really like the DSC PG9945. It gets 5 Stars from Alarm Grid.

Good: PowerG Wireless Range, 128-Bit AES Encryption, Auxiliary Input

Bad: Small Magnet Spacing Gap, Somewhat Bulky

Bottom Line: 5 Stars