DSC PG9994 - PowerG 915MHz Wireless Outdoor Motion Detector Reviews

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Awesome Outdoor Motion Sensor!
Submitted on 06/03/2020 Alarm Grid

The DSC PG9994 is an outdoor PowerG Motion Sensor. It can be used with any system that supports PowerG Sensors, including the Qolsys IQ Panel 2 Plus, the DSC Iotega, and any DSC PowerSeries NEO Panel with an added wireless receiver. As a PowerG Sensor, the DSC PG9994 offers an impressive wireless range of up to 2km in open air, depending on the panel it is being used with. It also uses military grade 128-bit AES encryption in all of its communications for added security. We think this is an outstanding sensor, and we give it a 5 Star rating.

There are many things to like about the DSC PG9994. One aspect we like is the fact that the sensor uses eight (8) smaller individual PIR sensors in conjunction to accurately detect motion. And with the device's protective and water-resistant exterior, the PG9994 still works great in less-than-ideal weather conditions, such as heavy rain and snow. Meanwhile, the mirror-optic capabilities of the sensor further improve upon its already great coverage range and detection accuracy. As we mentioned earlier, the sensor has an excellent wireless communication range as well. And the fact that the sensor uses military grade 128-bit AES encryption is also appreciated, as it makes the sensor virtually impossible to hack. We also like the fact that the sensor has a tamper cover switch, and the system will be alerted if anyone tries to open up the sensor.

There are not many downsides to the DSC PG9994. One issue that we find is with the design of the DSC PG9994. It literally looks like a small toilet. This has led to many jokes around the office, and it usually results in a few chuckles when recommending it to customers. We're not sure why DSC chose this design, but whatever. We must also admit that the sensor is quite pricey. As of June 2020, we have it listed for $193.99. That is, without a doubt, one of the most expensive single sensors we have ever encountered. But if you can stomach the steep pricetag and the potty design, then the DSC PG9994 is a fantastic product. We give it 5 Stars for its great performance.

Good: Uses 8 Individual PIR sensors, Water-Resistant Exterior, Great in Poor Weather, Fantastic Range, Mirror Optics, 128-Bit AES Encryption, Tamper Switch

Bad: Looks Like a Toilet, Expensive

Bottom Line: 5 Stars