DSC RXL2-433

2CH Wireless Receiver 433MHz


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The DSC RXL2-433 is a wireless receiver that allows hardwired alarm systems to use DSC 433 MHz Wireless Devices. The receiver provides support for DSC-branded key fobs as well. It features 4 programmable relay options, and it comes with a plug-in transformer. Buy the DSC RXL2-433 here.
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The DSC RXL2-433 2-Channel Wireless Receiver is installed with a hardwired alarm system to allow it to use DSC 433 MHz Wireless Sensors. The device provides support for the DSC wireless key fob devices as well. Also included is a 120-volt AC transformer for providing power to the device.

The receiver features 2 on-board Form C relay outputs that can be used for various functions. The device features four unique programmable relay options. These options are momentary, timed, latched and continuous. This allows for a proper programming function for each relay device.

Momentary means that when a button is pressed, the device will power cycle. Latched allows the function to stay active. Timed tells the device to stay active for 60 seconds. Continuous means that the button will need to be pressed and held before the function will be performed.

Up to 6 wireless buttons are supported per output on the wireless receiver. The device is compatible with the DSC WS4949, WS4939, WS4959 and the WS4969 Key Fobs.


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