500 ft. Genesis WG-11195501 18 gauge 4 conductor (18/4)

unshielded stranded cabling

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This listing is for 500 feet of Genesis 18-gauge, 4-conductor stranded wire. This particular option is great for wiring keypads to alarm panels, as keypads normally use two conductors for data and another two for power. Purchase Genesis 18-gauge, 4-conductor stranded wire from Alarm Grid.
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Genesis is owned by Resideo, and the company is known for its top-quality alarm system cables. This product represents 500 feet of 18-gauge, 4-conductor stranded copper wire. It is perfect for applications that require four conductors, such as hardwired keypads and 4-wire smoke detectors.

By most accounts, 18-gauge is the standard wire thickness for most alarm system applications. Whether you're running sensor wires or connecting the panel to its transformer, 18-gauge is the gold standard. You can use slightly thicker or thinner wire it that's what you have available, but 18-gauge offers the ideal balance of flexibility and maximum recommended run distance.

As 4-conductor cabling, this wire contains four inner wires for making individual connections. Most security sensors use only two conductors, but there are situations where having the extra two conductors is required. This includes wiring keypads and 4-wire life-safety sensors. You can technically use 4-conductor cabling with 2-conductor applications. This is done by just leaving two inner wires disconnected.

Each inner wire is made of copper, which makes it perfect for conducting data and power. DIY users should find that these wires are extremely versatile. Nearly any alarm system application that needs a 4-conductor wire can make use of this cabling. The four inner wires have insulation that is individually colored red, black white and green.

Note: This is unshielded cabling.

Brand: Genesis

Great Alarm Wiring!
Submitted on 08/12/2020 Alarm Grid

The Genesis WG-11195501 is a 500 foot box of 18-4 stranded copper alarm wiring. The term 18-4 indicates that this is 18-gauge (18 AWG) wire, that is 4-conductor with four (4) inner wires. This is the recommended cabling for most alarm system applications. Most users who purchase alarm wire for setting up an alarm system will choose between 18-gauge and 22-gauge wire. Of these two options, 18 AWG represents the thicker wire. As the thicker wire, it allows for longer wire runs, as less electrical current will be lost as it travels down the wire. But the downside is that it is slightly less flexible than 22-gauge wiring. Overall, this is outstanding alarm wire that we can wholeheartedly recommend. We give this product a 5-Star rating.

There are many things to like about the 500 foot 18-4 wiring from Genesis. For one, this is stranded wire, which is more forgiving than solid core wiring. Nearly all DIY users will want to go with stranded cabling, and it is generally preferred by professional installers as well. With 500 feet of wiring, you will have plenty of cabling to set up a hardwired system in a home. Since this is 4-conductor wire, you won't need to double-up wire for 4-wire devices. And by going with 18-AWG, you will be able to achieve the longest wire runs.

There are some minor downsides to consider about the 18-4 wire when comparing it with other wire types. This wire is not quite as flexible as thinner 22-gauge wiring. But the difference in flexibility is pretty negligible, and you shouldn't have any trouble if you are using 18-AWG instead of 22-AWG. Since there are four (4) inner wires, you will need to leave two (2) of the inner wires disconnected when connecting 2-wire devices. Some users will just cut two of the inner wires short so that the installation looks neater. But really these downsides are extremely minor. This is fantastic wiring that you can use for many applications. And it's a good idea to keep some on-hand in case you need to do more wiring later. The Genesis WG-11195501 gets 5 Stars from Alarm Grid.

Good: Stranded Wire, 500 Feet of Wire, Longer Wire Runs Than 22-AWG

Bad: Slightly Less Flexible Than 22-AWG, Must Leave 2 Wires Disconnected For 2-Wire Connections

Bottom Line: 5 Stars

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