Honeywell 5828V - Wireless Talking Fixed English Alarm Keypad Reviews

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Perfect add on for Lynx 5100
Submitted on 01/06/2013 Kevin

I purchased this as an add on from my Lynx 5100 wireless system to place close to my entry door so that we didn't have to run up/down the stairs when coming into or going out of the house. It works perfectly. All you need to do it setup your house code on by the Lynx 5100 and set the same house code on the 5828v and you are up an running. One thing that I would recommend to anyone that is looking to purchase this is to also purchase the additional AC Power cord to go with it as the chime and voice functions will work all of the time if it is powered in to AC power.

It can be run off of battery power only and the installation is much easier (if you want to make sure and hide cables and cords) however you will lose the voice features after the system goes into standby mode and will always have to push the * button to wake the unit up. With the help and recommendations from the people at AlarmGrid, I purchased the optional power cord up from and it works like a champ.