Honeywell 5828V

Wireless Talking Fixed English Alarm Keypad

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The Honeywell 5828V is a wireless alarm keypad featuring a fixed English display and voice annunciation of security system status and ala...
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The Honeywell 5828V is a wireless alarm keypad featuring a fixed English display and voice annunciation of security system status and alarms. The 5828V even has a built-in message center so that you can leave voice messages for your family or employees.

Similar to the Honeywell 5828, you should not use your talking alarm keypad for security system programming. The talking wireless alarm keypad is meant to be used as an easily installed auxiliary security system keypad. You can use as many 5828V wireless alarm keypads as you need as the device does not use a security system wireless zone. We recommend installing the 5828V alarm keypad at your main entry door so that you can hide your LYNX Plus or LYNX Touch wireless security system in a more secure location. Please note that per FCC requirements for devices that transmit data, the 5828V's wireless range is only 50' nominal from the wireless transceiver.

The 5828V alarm keypad is not compatible with original LYNX security systems that are revision 10 or less. The talking keypad is also not compatible with Honeywell commercial security systems that use (3) digit zones numbers.

The built-in message center allows you to record and playback (20) second voice messages. The Honeywell 5828V has a red LED that will continuously flash to show other users that there is a message waiting to be heard. The red LED will stop flashing once the message has been played back. However, the message will remain available until a new message is recorded.

While the talking wireless alarm keypad will operate using the included (3) AA alkaline batteries, we recommend adding the K0991 AC transformer. You can purchase the AC transformer separately or along with the desk mount as the 5828DM desk mount kit. When the 5828V is powered by batteries only, it will enter “sleep” mode after (15) seconds of inactivity. The only way to wake the keypad up, is to press the [*] key. As the keypad does not automatically wake up from “sleep” mode when armed, many people forget the system is armed and false alarms may occur. With the AC transformer plugged in, the talking alarm keypad will never go to “sleep.” The AC transformer also ensures that you hear all system status messages as they occur.

The wireless talking alarm keypad will annunciate all security system chimes as long as the 5828V has the ‘Voice Enable’ feature turned on. When programming alpha zone descriptors with a security system using the 5828V, make sure to only use words that are supported by the 5828V so that the keypad may be able to accurately annunciate the zones.

Brand: Honeywell

Perfect add on for Lynx 5100
Submitted on 01/06/2013 Kevin

I purchased this as an add on from my Lynx 5100 wireless system to place close to my entry door so that we didn't have to run up/down the stairs when coming into or going out of the house. It works perfectly. All you need to do it setup your house code on by the Lynx 5100 and set the same house code on the 5828v and you are up an running. One thing that I would recommend to anyone that is looking to purchase this is to also purchase the additional AC Power cord to go with it as the chime and voice functions will work all of the time if it is powered in to AC power.

It can be run off of battery power only and the installation is much easier (if you want to make sure and hide cables and cords) however you will lose the voice features after the system goes into standby mode and will always have to push the * button to wake the unit up. With the help and recommendations from the people at AlarmGrid, I purchased the optional power cord up from and it works like a champ.

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No, unfortunately there's no way to alter the sounds of the voice (beyond just turning it on of off) from the 5828V keypads.
Thanks, I will try that. No voice at all is OK for this keypad. I was going to install another one by the basement back door, there I would want the voice. Are there any other "voices"? The one that is on there is pretty alarming (no pun intended).
You can disable the voice feature on the keypad if you want a regular chime without a voice chime. However, doing this will make it so the keypad doesn't do any voice notifications at all. If you'd like to set that up, you just have to press and hold 1 and 3 together on the keypad until you see 00 and -- alternating. Then press 4 followed by 0 * * to disable the voice option and exit the programming mode.
Is there a way to have this keypad just emit the chime tone rather than the chime tone and the voice (which is horrible, drives my wife crazy)? It is paired with a L7000. What I mena is to just chime when a door is opened rather than chime and then announce which door it was.
Great, I'm glad to hear you got it working. Let us know if you need anything else.
Thanks Sterling. I could not locate a transformer with those specs, but I was able to splice the K0991's cable and use a CL-rated wire inside the wall. Tim
The specs on a K0991 are 5VDC, 220mA so if you can find a transformer with those specs, it should work. Or you can get the K0991 and splice in a longer wire to get to an outlet that's further away then what the K0991 wire will allow.
Is there a 3rd party power supply with screw terminals (like the Lynx Touch 7000's power supply) that I can use to run this panel's power behind the wall to an outlet in my basement? I need power to allow the chime/alerts to always sound, and I don't have/want to use an adjacent outlet using the normal AC adapter.
Hi Jack, Yes. If there is an auxiliary siren such as the 5800WAVE ( it will still function without the 5828 keypad. In fact, nothing that happens to the 5828 will affect the integrity of the L5200 LYNX Touch. I hope this answers your question. Sincerely, Frank
If this is hooked up to a L5200 and the L5200 is hidden/locked somewhere; however the 5828 is not and it gets smashed or ripped off the wall by a burglar, will the Alarm System still function with sirens going off if a siren was installed?
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