Honeywell 5834-4EN - Wireless Enhanced 4 Button Security Key Fob Reviews

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Submitted on 05/08/2020 Alarm Grid

The Honeywell 5834-4EN is the exact same key fob as the Honeywell 5834-4, only with an added plastic silver plating. The silver plating is purely for aesthetic purposes, and the key fob is absolutely no different from a standard 5834-4. If you buy a Honeywell 5834-4EN, then you are just spending extra money for the plastic silver plating. And it's not like this is a small difference in price. You will typically find the Honeywell 5834-4EN listed at twice the price of the Honeywell 5834-4. We personally don't recommend spending the extra money in this case. However, the Honeywell 5834-4EN is still a perfectly functional key fob that makes a great addition to any compatible system. We give it 5 Stars for its quality and performance, but we don't recommend buying it.

There are many things to like about the Honeywell 5834-4EN. For one, it allows for both standard security and high security modes. Just keep in mind that the key fob can only work in high security mode when used with the Honeywell LYNX Touch Panels. All other compatible panels can only support low security mode. The buttons on the key fob are easily identifiable and easy to press. An LED light confirms that an input has been made. You can also program various dual-button inputs. This allows for up to eight (8) programmable inputs per Honeywell 5834-4EN Key Fob.

As we already mentioned, the biggest drawback of the Honeywell 5834-4EN is that it is just a glorified Honeywell 5834-4 at double the price. The fact that most security systems do not support high security mode is also a negative. Really, if you are considering this key fob, just get the standard Honeywell 5834-4. But if you already have a Honeywell 5834-4EN, then at least you have a quality product. The Honeywell 5834-4EN gets 5 Stars for its overall performance.

Good: Standard & High Security Modes, Easily Identifiable Buttons, Easy to Press Buttons, Dual-Button Inputs

Bad: Just a 5834-4 With an Added Silver Plating, High Security for LYNX Touch Only

Bottom Line: 5 Stars