Honeywell 6160V

Talking Alphanumeric Alarm Keypad

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The Honeywell 6160V is a talking alpha display alarm keypad. The 6160V hardwired keypad is the ideal full-function premier keypad for not...
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The Honeywell 6160V is a talking alpha display alarm keypad. The 6160V hardwired keypad is the ideal full-function premier keypad for notification from and control of a Honeywell VISTA Series security system. The 6160V is similar to the 6160 with the added features of voice messages for system trouble events, zone notifications, alarm situations and system status. The 6160V is an alpha-numeric keypad, meaning the 32-character display is able to notify the system’s user in plain English of any status updates. The 6160V will also speak the zone or system status of the Honeywell security system back to you. Because of the alphanumeric display, the 6160V is a recommended keypad for full system programming including programming of advanced features and sub-menus.

The Honeywell 6160V takes the guesswork out of using a security system by speaking all needed system information back to you. The 6160V keypad can also be used as a message center. You can record, and playback messages of up to 2.5 minutes. The 6160V can announce each zone as it is opened or faulted when set in voice chime mode, and the security system it is being used with has chime mode enabled. In order to activate voice chime mode on the 6160V, press [#] function + [0] voice + [2] volume + [4]. When voice chime is enabled, the 6160V will also announce the system status in plain English by pressing the [#] function + [0] voice + [*] status keys. If the [*] status key is pressed twice, the 6160V will speak and display the faulted zones, including the zone descriptors.

Like all Honeywell hardwired keypads, the 6160V must be addressed to a corresponding address in the security system control panel. Enter the 6160V programming mode by pressing the [1] & [3] keys at the same time during the first minute of powering up the keypad. After entering in the desired address, which should start at 16 and go through 23 on Honeywell VISTA Series alarm control panels, press [*] to save and continue to the voice chime menu. Enter [1] to turn voice chime on, and [0] to turn voice chime off, then press [*] to save and continue to the additional console menu. Enter a [0] if this is the first or only voice keypad on the Honeywell security system, and enter a [1] if this is a second or additional voice keypad then press [*] to save and exit the address programming mode.

The Honeywell 6160V talking keypad provides the convenience of spoken English commands and notifications as well as a full alphanumeric display.

Brand: Honeywell

Yes, it should default the panel, including resetting the installer code.
Thanks Joe - I appreciate your quick response. Given the strange issues, as well as another that has popped up with my AD2USB interface to Homeseer, I'm thinking that I may do a factory reset (*97) and reprogram first, just to be sure. If I do that, will the *97 revert the installer code? Thanks!
The 6280 can replace the 6160V. You can leave the 6162RF as it is and simply program the 6280 to address 16 after removing the 6160V. As long as you have no other devices occupying the AUI slots on your system you shouldn't have any issues installing this keypad.
Hello! I have a Vista 20P (9.18) with 6160V that lost its V (went mute) a few months back. After a few troubleshooting sessions, extensive drinking, and subsequent smashing of my head against the wall, I've accepted that this unit will no longer speak again (tears falling). I have a 6162RF connected that has continued to function through the defiance period of the 6160V. However, I'd like to get some voice notifications back. I'm considering throwing a 6280W into the mix, so I have a couple questions: a) Will the 6280 effectively replace the 6160V? b) Since the 6160V is currently address 16, would I just remove it, switch the 6162RF to address 16 (currently 17), enable touch function (I'll have to look that up), and add the 6280W? Or, c) Am I just asking for trouble? Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks,
Unfortunately no, the 6160RF only chimes.
Does the 6160 come in a voice + RF configuration? ADT version?
This keypad works on the Vista alarm panels, and gets its power from the panel. There's a 4-wire connection from the panel to the keypad. 2 wires for power, and 2 wires for Data. The wire is not included, but the LT-Cable is not used for this. The gauge wire you need will be determined by the length you need to run it. Generally speaking, the heavier the wire gauge, the further you can run it from the alarm panel.
Does this panel come with an external adapter for the power supply? I am assuming it does not come with a do you need to buy the LT cable as well as an adapter for the wall?
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