Honeywell 6165EX - Alphanumeric Slimline Alarm Keypad Reviews

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Submitted on 12/20/2019 Alarm Grid

The Honeywell 6165EX is a slim-line Alphanumeric Kepyad for Honeywell VISTA Security Systems. It is basically the same as a standard Honeywell 6160 Keypad, except the Honeywell 6165EX is smaller, more expensive and has a much dimmer LED backlight. There is very little reason to choose this keypad over a Honeywell 6160. You will just be spending more money on a keypad that will give you a headache if you try to use it in the dark. However, the Honeywell 6165EX does work well, and it does have a strong build-quality. We give it a 3 Star rating.

There are some good aspects about the Honeywell 6165EX. Many users appreciate its slim profile, and its compact design is often preferred over the 6160. Since it is an Alphanumeric Keypad, you can use it for deep-level programming, which is quite nice. In fact, this keypad is the equivalent of a Honeywell 6160, so you are getting all the features. The keypad also features four (4) programmable function keys, which is nice if you ever quickly need to perform a system action. We also like the relatively low power draw of the 6165EX, as it uses just 150 mA of power when the system is in alarm mode.

But the downsides of the Honeywell 6165EX should not be ignored. This keypad costs more than a Honeywell 6160, and there's not much reason to spend the extra money. While the keypad might have a slim and compact design that is appreciated by many, it isn't exactly an "aesthetically pleasing" keypad. Most of our technicians agreed as a matter of personal opinion that the keypad is quite ugly. It's not exactly a keypad that looks great on the wall. But the biggest downfall of the Honeywell 6165EX is its terrible backlight. We have had customers report that it is difficult to use this keypad in the dark. Once they switched to a 6160 Keypad, these issues were fixed.

We are not big fans of the Honeywell 6165EX. We think it is a much better idea to get a Honeywell 6160 instead. Or if you want to start using wireless sensors, spring for a little bit more and get a Honeywell 6160RF. While the Honeywell 6165EX is built well and performs its duties as described, we cannot recommend it. This keypad gets 3 Stars out of 5.

Good: Compact Design, Deep-Level Programming, 4 Function Keys, Low Power Draw

Bad: Weak Backlight, More Expensive Than 6160, Ugly

Bottom Line: 3 Stars