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Alphanumeric Slimline Alarm Keypad

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The Honeywell 6165EX is an alphanumeric slimline portrait style alarm keypad. The 6165EX combines the power of Honeywell’s premier alpha ...
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The Honeywell 6165EX is an alphanumeric slimline portrait style alarm keypad. The 6165EX combines the power of Honeywell’s premier alpha keypad with a small and stylish design to seamlessly blend with any interior décor. A (32) character full English display alerts you with descriptions of system events and zone faults to prevent any confusion generated by zone numbers or limited messaging capability. The 6165EX can be used to program any feature of a Honeywell VISTA Series security system including detailed sub-menu’s such as (*56) zone programming. The 6165EX is the functional equivalent of the 6160 keypad housed in a portrait style casing.

Four programmable quick function keys just below the LCD screen can be used to summon police, fire, or medical assistance in case of an emergency, or can be programmed as one touch arming buttons. The built in piezo provides feedback during alarm events, entry and exit delays, and can be activated during zone faults if chime mode is turned on in the Honeywell control panel.

The 6165EX connects to Honeywell wired security systems with the standard four-wire ECP data connection, and draws 40mA in standby mode and up to 150mA in alarm mode. The most common Honeywell VISTA panels (i.e. 15P, 20P, 21iP) have a 600mA aux output on the ECP bus. So this keypad will take up 1/4 of that output. The 6165EX keypad must be addressed like all Honeywell keypads by holding the [1] & [3] keys during the first minute after power-up to enter the keypad programming menu.

With an appealing slim design, and white keypad door that conceals the illuminated keys, the 6165EX is ideal for any style residence or business. At 4-7/8” H x 2-7/8”W x 1-1/4”D, the Honeywell 6165EX can be used in small areas between doors and windows that otherwise may be too small for a standard keypad. The 6165EX is the ultimate in form and function, bringing all the features of Honeywell’s most powerful hardwired keypad into a slim design case.

Brand: Honeywell

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Get a 6160 Instead!
Submitted on 12/20/2019 Alarm Grid

The Honeywell 6165EX is a slim-line Alphanumeric Kepyad for Honeywell VISTA Security Systems. It is basically the same as a standard Honeywell 6160 Keypad, except the Honeywell 6165EX is smaller, more expensive and has a much dimmer LED backlight. There is very little reason to choose this keypad over a Honeywell 6160. You will just be spending more money on a keypad that will give you a headache if you try to use it in the dark. However, the Honeywell 6165EX does work well, and it does have a strong build-quality. We give it a 3 Star rating.

There are some good aspects about the Honeywell 6165EX. Many users appreciate its slim profile, and its compact design is often preferred over the 6160. Since it is an Alphanumeric Keypad, you can use it for deep-level programming, which is quite nice. In fact, this keypad is the equivalent of a Honeywell 6160, so you are getting all the features. The keypad also features four (4) programmable function keys, which is nice if you ever quickly need to perform a system action. We also like the relatively low power draw of the 6165EX, as it uses just 150 mA of power when the system is in alarm mode.

But the downsides of the Honeywell 6165EX should not be ignored. This keypad costs more than a Honeywell 6160, and there's not much reason to spend the extra money. While the keypad might have a slim and compact design that is appreciated by many, it isn't exactly an "aesthetically pleasing" keypad. Most of our technicians agreed as a matter of personal opinion that the keypad is quite ugly. It's not exactly a keypad that looks great on the wall. But the biggest downfall of the Honeywell 6165EX is its terrible backlight. We have had customers report that it is difficult to use this keypad in the dark. Once they switched to a 6160 Keypad, these issues were fixed.

We are not big fans of the Honeywell 6165EX. We think it is a much better idea to get a Honeywell 6160 instead. Or if you want to start using wireless sensors, spring for a little bit more and get a Honeywell 6160RF. While the Honeywell 6165EX is built well and performs its duties as described, we cannot recommend it. This keypad gets 3 Stars out of 5.

Good: Compact Design, Deep-Level Programming, 4 Function Keys, Low Power Draw

Bad: Weak Backlight, More Expensive Than 6160, Ugly

Bottom Line: 3 Stars

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I was happy to help and I'm glad to hear your seller is sending you a new 6160 keypad as a replacement.
Sterling, Seller said send it back. It is now in transit. A 6160 is now installed and works great. Not as aesthetically pleasing as the 6165ex. But, I do not need a flashlight to view it! And I saved money. Thank you again for your time and experience. Zack
Well I do know that ECP devices running off an auxiliary power supply need a common ground jumper going to the panel not a battery. I'm not sure how or if that will affect the brightness but it should be changed for proper system behavior. I don't have a 6165EX with me to compare brightness. Have you checked with your seller to see what they say?
RE: 6165ex, dim display. Sterling, Thank you for the fast response! Answers to your questions: A) Panel: Vista 20P. Chip: WA20P Version 10.23. 12V, 17AH Battery. Load: Std-by=220ma, Active = 440ma. B) Aux Power Supply: Altronix SMP3 with a 12v 7AH Batt & 16vac 40va xfrmr. Load: Std-by=88ma, Active = 298ma. Got home late, not changing the wiring tonight. That said: C) Main Panel: Common ground wire at the battery, to main panel terminal #4 = less than 1mv. D) Secondary power supply: All grounds go to same tie point. No voltage delta. E) Still have 13.16vdc at power input terminals of 6165ex, full functionality, but, a very dim display. I can try the wire swap tomorrow. But, 1mv delta? I know too much about electrical theory to believe that will help. On the other hand, you know more about alarm panel reality than I do! Please confirm that the brightness of the 6165ex and a 6160 should be about the same. Thanks again, Zack
When powering a keypad from an auxiliary power supply, you should have the common jumper running from the panel's negative power terminal (terminal 4 on a VISTA-15P/20P) to the auxiliary power supply's DC negative terminal. I would recommend powering your system down and fixing that common ground wire and then powering up to see if anything changes. Also, what is the model number of your system and your auxiliary power supply?
Just installed a 6165ex. Display backlight is MUCH dimmer than my 6160 & 6160RF. Is this normal? Details: 1) 3rd Keypad on system, but, on a 2nd power supply. 2) 16AWG common ground wire installed between batteries of main panel and secondary panel. 3) 13.16vdc at power supply terminals of the 6165ex key pad. 4) Arm/Disarm, faulted zone display, sounder all work fine. 5) Display mode is set for default (d1). 6) Standby: All keypad button backlight LEDs are lit but dim. Display is dark. 7) When a key is pressed: Alphanumeric display LEDs come on ...but dim. All key pad button area LEDs are still lit, but, still dim. ~45 seconds later display backlight goes out. keypad area LEDs remain on but dim. 8) both my 6160 & 6160RF are MUCH brighter. If this is not normal, any trouble shooting ideas? Does main panel need different settings? Thank you, Dave
If both 6160's were active it would be 300mA. When I add a 5883h it would be 380mA. So I should have enough reserve for the 6165ex whether it is 70mA or 150mA. I just figured that if it is 70mA, I would have a little more bus current in reserve in case I want to add something else in the future.
What's your total current draw from all devices connected to the ECP bus on the panel? Are you within 80mA of the 600mA limit?
Well, that's a pickle. LOL!! When I finally get to buy it from you and install it, I'll put a VOM in series with the + line and take an ammeter reading. If you find out which it is before then, please post. Thanks for all the help.
Well the installation guide does reference 70mA but Honeywell's internal site says max 150mA so we're actually not sure which is correct.
Thank you for providing that additional info. I never would have guessed at that because on the Honeywell spec sheet it says "Activated Transmission-70mA" so I thought that 70mA was the maximum from the ECP bus. I am sure that many other people thought that too.
It is actually 40mA in standby mode and up to 150mA in alarm mode. When calculating your power you should always use the max draw. I have adjusted the language here.
Thank you for the info and the offer. I think you made a typo error and meant 70mA.
Each 6160 can draw up to 150mA. The 6165EX can also draw up to 150mA and the panel has a total output of 600mA so you should be okay to have all three keypads powered from the panel. The GSMV4G gets power from its transformer so you don't need to worry about that drawing power from the panel. Do you have the GSMV4G activate now? We offer no-contract monitoring plans online at if you are interested in switching to us.
Do you have anything else connected to terminals 4 and 5 other than your two keypads now?
I have a Vista 21ip and two 6160 's and am thinking of adding this as a third keypad. I am trying to calculate my ECP bus draw. Will all three keypads light up at once?
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