Honeywell 944TRE

3/8” Diameter Recessed Contact with Rare Earth Magnet

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The 944TRE is 3/8 inch wired sensor with terminals paired with a powerful rare earth button magnet. it is perfect in many residential applications.
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The Honeywell 944TRE is a recessed contact with a rare earth magnet that can be used with any wired alarm control panel. The 944TRE is very similar to the Honeywell 944T recessed contact, but instead of the regular magnet included with the 944T, you get a button type rare earth magnet with the 944TRE. Rare earth magnets are much stronger than regular magnets so therefore, they can be much smaller. You don’t need to drill as big of a hole in your door or window for the magnet when installing a 944TRE recessed door and window contact.

The 944TRE recessed contact is equipped with Honeywell’s exclusive staggered terminals which are found in all Staggered “T” Series recessed door and window contacts. By staggering the terminal screws, Honeywell was able to fit a larger sized screw terminal into the body of the 944TRE contact. A larger screw terminal makes wiring the 944TRE recessed contact much easier for the installer. With Staggered “T” terminals, you will never have to worry about splicing or soldering wire leads.

Each Honeywell 944TRE comes with a door or window recessed contact and a button type rare earth magnet. The contact uses a Form A, SPST, normally closed reed switch that is energized when the rare earth magnet is within 1/2” of the recessed contact. As soon as the door or window opens, the magnet gets pulled farther away than 1/2” and the contact opens which causes an alarm back at the alarm control panel. The contact has a rating of 100mA at 28VDC and uses screw terminals instead of wire leads to connect to a wired zone on your alarm control panel.

To install the recessed contact, you will need to drill a hole with 3/8” diameter into your door or window frame that is big enough to fit the entire 944TRE contact. You will also need to create a matching hole in the door or window directly opposite the contact to install the rare earth magnet. The button type magnet has a concave hole so that when you secure it to the door or window with a screw, it will be flush with the edge of the door or window. Be very careful when drilling your holes. You need to ensure that when the door or window is shut, the contact and magnet are aligned and within 1/2” of each other.

Brand: Honeywell

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Hi Andrew, In our "alarm world" the 'normal' position is when the door/window is closed and the magnet is energizing the reed switch. Honeywell's internal site does list it as 'Form A, SPST, Normal Closed' and as long as you understand the switch is in a "closed" position when the magnet is close by, you should good
This document I found from Honeywell doesn't include the Normally Open or Normally Closed part, it just says Form A SPST: Is it safe to assume that it's actually Form A (Normally Open), but someone wrote that it's Normally Closed because the intended use is for it to be energized by the door magnet most of the time, which would hold it closed?
I'm a little confused by the description of this door sensor. It states that it has a "Form A, SPST, normally closed reed switch"; however, everything I've read about reed switch types says that Form A is Normally Open & Form B (both are Single Pole, Single Terminal--SPST) is the Normally Closed version of Form A. So is this sensor using a Form A (Normally Open)or Form B (Normally Closed) reed switch?
944T: Switch – 3/4" (19mm) diameter x 1.37" (35mm) L Magnet – 3/4" (19mm) diameter x 1.30" (33mm) L
What is the depth of this switch? How deep a hole is needed to mount it?
No, unfortunately, the screw is not included.
Does it come with the screw to mount the rare earth magnet?
Added th magnet in the same spot and works like a charm.. thanks all
Wow, I cant believe I'm getting response this fast. I will call the technician and see what happened with the old wires ,I take it if the door frame was not replaced then they are there somewhere.
If you replaced the door, did the installers leave the wires accessible so that you could simply wire them up to a new sensor (such as the 944TRE)? If they did not, you'd need to be able to get to the old wires that were connected between the panel and the old sensor or you'd need to look at adding a wireless receiver and replacing the old wired sensor with a new wireless sensor.
I believe its a honeywell ,installed about 2009 or thereabout.
You're saying you have a new door with one of these contacts installed in it? What type of system do you have?
Just replaced my door will the gadget link to my existing system.
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