Honeywell 945T

Mini Surface Mount Magnetic Contact with Screw Terminals

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The Honeywell 945T is a mini surface mounted magnetic contact that has screw terminals. The 945T consists of two pieces, a magnetic conta...
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The Honeywell 945T is a mini surface mounted magnetic contact that has screw terminals. The 945T consists of two pieces, a magnetic contact, and a magnet, which are approximately the same size and shape. The 945T is 2 inches long, and 1/3 of an inch in width and height.

The 945T is ideal for protecting both doors and windows when used with any hardwired security system. The 945T is intended for use with Honeywell’s wired alarm control panels including the VISTA series. The contact portion of the 945T should be mounted to the door frame or window frame, and the magnet side should be mounted to the door or window, with no more than 1.125” gap between them. A magnetic contact contains a reed switch, which completes a circuit when the magnet remains close to the contact. When the door or window is opened, the magnet will move away from the contact, causing the circuit to break, and that zone on your alarm system to activate.

The Honeywell 945T can be mounted with screws, or included adhesive strips. The convenient screw terminals allow you to connect the wires from your security system without splicing or soldering. The 945T contact replaces part numbers including: Sentrol 1038T, GRI100T,1100T, Tane-60, and Aleph DC-2531.

Brand: Honeywell

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Hi, is honeywell 945t compatible with Ring retrofit?
Shailesh C&K hasn't made security sensors for years. I don't believe there was anything proprietary about the sensors they did make, so this will come down to aesthetics. If this looks enough like the sensor you have, it should be a fitting replacement. I attempted to look up the C&K 0119S for comparison, but I couldn't find anything on it. C&K was purchased by Honeywell, and they now market those products as Intellisense (mostly motion detectors). C&K kept the name and they now produce other types of sensors and switches.
Is this the replacement part for 0119S. I have old wired system and I need to replace doors/windows and am one sensor short The current sensor is marked C&K 0119S so need to find the right one which will work with my system. Shailesh
There is not a listed voltage for these. However since they are wired usually into a vista panel the voltage for the vista to operate is 16.5VAC.
What is the required operating voltage?
Unfortunately, we don't sell anything like that and the sensors we offer are all designed to be used with security systems.
just need door chime, but, contact has to be wired and wireless which we just plug in to outlet
Do you have an existing alarm system? Are you just looking for a local door chime?
would like to install in a door chime wired and wireless transmitter but, dont know how to do ? anyone can help me ? what i need to buy ? which cable , and which product ?
Yes, you can use the 945Ts as the wired contact for a SiXCT if you are using the SiXCT as a wireless transmitter for the wired 945T contact.
Can these be used as a wired contact with the SixCT wireless sensor?
Technically the 1.125” magnet spacing gap refers to any direction including the depth plane. However I find that these contacts work best when they are on the same plane. You can certainly do some testing but a small spacer or some thicker foam adhesive tape behind the smaller device is recommended.
Does the reed switch and the magnet have to be on the same depth plane to work, or can the 1" gap be in any direction? For my sliding glass door, the frame where the contact is places the back of the contact about 3/4" closer into the room then where the back of the magnet is with the door closed. Or do you have to put spacers behind the magnet to have it line up flush with the contact switch?
Unfortunately, Honeywell no longer makes the 945T in brown.
I don't see a way to select the other colors, such as brown on the website. I see that 945T-BR is brown, but no option to select that.
Yes, they do come with double sided tape or you can screw them in to the frame/window.
Do these sensors have an adhesive back for mounting? If not what do recommend for mounting on vinyl windows?
No the magnet just needs to aligned with the sensor which has the reed switch inside. There is no polarity based on the direction of the magnet.
Does the magnet need to be installed in a certain direction or does it not matter? I notice that each piece has a marking of "UL" and on the other side it has "ULC". Does the magnet and reed switch need to match the same markings on one side when installed on a window or will it work in either direction? Im asking because I installed all my contacts but later thought that there might be a polarity issue if the magnet was upside down.
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