Honeywell 958

Overhead Door Magnetic Contact

Honeywell 958 overhead door magnetic contact

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The Honeywell 958 is an overhead door magnetic contact in a durable metal housing. The 958 is intended to be used with a garage door or o...
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The Honeywell 958 is an overhead door magnetic contact in a durable metal housing. The 958 is intended to be used with a garage door or overhead door type and is built to withstand the harsh conditions of a garage or other non-climate controlled space. The overhead contact is epoxy sealed to protect it from moisture intrusion and the high impact potential when mounted in a garage setting. The Honeywell 958 replaces parts numbers: Amseco 0DC59A, Sentrol 2202AU, 2202A, and GRI 4532/4532L.

The Honeywell 958 overhead door contact has two pieces, an adjustable magnet with a L-bracket, and a metal encased contact with a 24” armored cable. The contact mounts to the garage floor, and the magnet mounts on the overhead door itself, no more than 2.5” from the contact when the door is closed. The 958 is compatible with all hardwired security systems and is the ideal overhead door contact for Honeywell’s VISTA series alarm panels.

The Honeywell 958 can also be used with wireless security systems by connecting the wired leads to a wireless contact with terminals such as the 5816. In this setup, the 958 will act as the overhead door contact, and the 5816 will use its internal transmitter, but not the internal contact. Protect the valuables in your garage with the Honeywell 958 overhead door contact.

Brand: Honeywell

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Quality Manager National Instruments
Submitted on 02/27/2013 Mark Espinosa

Purchased this switch to add sensing for my integrated whole house security system. This switch works perfectly. Easy to mount, magnet on flange is adjustable as well. Armored cable is a plus. Overall I would highly recommend this high quality switch assembly to any residential/commercial installation. In addition, the price is very reasonable.

Works great for monitoring garage doors
Submitted on 01/06/2013 Kevin

I bought a couple of these as a method for monitoring whether my garage doors were up or down. I needed something that had a little more distance between the magnet and sensor than just a standard door/window sensor and these can have up to a 2.5 inch gap.

While they are suppose to be drilled into the concrete and then mounted to the door, I didn't want to do this. I actually mounted the sensor to a couple of brackets that are similar to the infrared garage door "eyes" that prevent a door from coming down if something is blocking the beam. The brackets are mounted about 7 feet high, just before the curve in the garage door track so that none of our vehicle would hit them. I then mounted the magnet directly to the door in front of the sensor. Once I connected them into loop 1 of a couple of 5816 wireless sensors and configured them into my Lynx 5100 as monitor only zones everything worked great. Now I don't have to think about whether I closed the garage door or not any more, just go to my phone and look if the zones are showing as sensor trouble or not....

Yes, as along as you don't need to know if it's the door or the windows that activated, you can certainly wire this sensor in series with other sensors for the same garage zone.
Is it possible to wire these in series with a couple of window sensors if a garage has windows all on one zone?
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