Honeywell 960 - XTP Surface Mount Magnetic Contact Reviews

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Great Commercial Contact Sensor!
Submitted on 09/17/2019 Alarm Grid

The Honeywell 960 is a commercial-grade contact sensor from the Honeywell XTP lineup. This is a very rugged and tough door contact that is great for use in commercial and industrial locations. We also recommend it for use with overhead doors. Its durable aluminum housing is some of the toughest in the industry, and its 3' armored cable cannot be easily cut. Our technicians are very impressed with the performance of this sensor, which is why we give it a 5 Star Rating.

Contact sensors are some of the most commonly used devices for security systems. They let the system know when a door has been opened. Their operation is very simple. There is a sensor and a magnet. Opening the door will cause the magnet to become separated from the sensor. The sensor will recognize this, and it will know to alert the security system to the open door. The Honeywell 960 is no different in this regard. But it offers some outstanding features that make it suitable for more-demanding applications.

For one, you can use this sensor with a much larger than average magnet spacing gap. A standard residential contact will usually require the sensor to be within a half-inch of the magnet when the door is closed. But the Honeywell 960 will allow for a magnet spacing gap of up to 2.5 inches. And its 3' armored cable is virtually impossible to cut without some heavy tools. This helps keep the sensor secure and protected. You can even use this sensor outside on gates or fences if needed. It is also commonly used on industrial overhead doors.

Other specifications for the sensor include its Form A, SPST reed switch, which equates to Normally Closed (NC) wiring and the sensors ability to withstand power surges up to 2400VDC. All of this makes the Honeywell 960 a very dependable sensor. We recommend it to anyone in need of a hardwired commercial-grade contact, and we give it 5 Stars.