Honeywell ACU - Analog Converter Unit Reviews

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Allows Analog Cameras to Work With TC2
Submitted on 08/01/2019 Alarm Grid

We strongly recommend the Honeywell ACU for anyone who wants to use an analog security camera with the Total Connect 2.0 platform. This device is ideal if you have existing analog security cameras and you want to start using them with TC2. However, if you are looking for new cameras to use with TC2, then you are probably best off just getting new Honeywell IP Cameras. Still, the Honeywell ACU fills an important niche, and we have found that it works very well. That is why we give it 5 stars.

When you use an analog camera with the Honeywell ACU, Total Connect 2.0 will consider it to be a "legacy" IP Camera. You can have a maximum of six (6) legacy cameras on TC2. This is very important to keep in mind when planning your video surveillance network. Our technicians are still satisfied with the performance of legacy TC2 Cameras and the Honeywell ACU when used today. We have also found that the Honeywell ACU is easy to use. You can connect the analog camera to the ACU VIDEO IN port. We recommend using a 75 ohm cable like an RG-59 to connect the camera to the ACU module. You can then connect the ACU to your IP router through a wired ethernet connection, or you can use its built-in WIFI feature with a WPS setup.

What is interesting about using a Honeywell ACU is that the video analytics happens at the server level. The Total Connect 2.0 Server will recognize pixel changes in the video stream sent in by the ACU. That is how it knows that movement is present and to begin capturing video clips. Our technicians have found that this works very well and that a camera used in this manner will work just as well as a regular Total Connect 2.0 IP Camera.

There is one very important note about Honeywell ACU. Since this is considered a "legacy" model, the ACU had to receive a firmware update 1.0.09R02 to work with the new HTML5 platform of Total Connect 2.0. Honeywell pushed down a critical firmware update to all legacy TC2 IP Cameras and all ACU devices on March 24, 2016, to make these devices compatible with the updated version of TC2. Any newly purchased Honeywell ACU module from our website will have this update applied and will work with TC2. This also applies to any ACU manufactured after the date when Honeywell pushed the critical update. Additionally, any ACU module that was online and connected with TC2 at the time when Honeywell pushed the update is also compatible with TC2. However, any ACU manufactured before the date of the update push that was not online and connected with TC2 to receive the update will NOT work with TC2. This is very important to consider if you are considering buying a used ACU device elsewhere.

Bottom line, the Honeywell ACU is excellent in fulfilling the role of allowing analog cameras to be used with Total Connect 2.0. We recommend this product if you have an existing analog camera that you want to use with TC2.