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Alarm Grid offers many security camera systems for your home or business. Whether you are looking for cameras you can use around your house or you need a robust security camera setup for your business, Alarm Grid has you covered. We are here to help. Purchase security camera systems from Alarm Grid.
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Security camera systems represent some of our most popular services at Alarm Grid. It can be extremely useful to have security cameras set up around your home or business. Many thefts and other criminal activities are captured on security cameras. These devices are incredibly beneficial if you ever need to prove your case in court. Video evidence is nearly impossible to dispute, and recorded footage can turn the tide in a legal investigation if you are victim. And it isn't just burglaries. Security cameras can also provide definitive proof of a fire and help you make successful insurance claims. Many people also have their security cameras set up so they can capture random every day events around their homes and businesses. These devices are great and so easy to add.

The important thing to understand is that most security systems do not actually livestream security cameras. There are exceptions to this general rule. For example, the Qolsys IQ Panel 2 Plus allows you to stream compatible IP Cameras from the panel itself. But in most cases, the live feed for a security camera will be viewed from an interactive service platform. The platform you use will depend on the cameras you add. Most Alarm Grid customers with video monitoring service access either Total Connect 2.0 or to access their cameras. Both TC2 and ADC have a wide selection of security cameras that end users can choose from. And both of these service platforms offer some excellent benefits for a security system as well.

Most of the security camera systems supported by Alarm Grid monitoring services are built around an IP (internet protocol) network. The cameras connect to the local IP network using wireless WIFI or a hardwired ethernet connection. This allows the cameras to connect with the Servers for use with or the AlarmNet360 Servers for use with Total Connect 2.0. With that in mind, the cameras are routinely referred to as IP cameras. The end user then access the appropriate service to view their cameras. They can also establish recording schedules, set up notifications, and even set automations to have cameras record automatically with certain system events. You can even view the live feed for your cameras from anywhere using the TC2 or ADC Mobile App.

In order to use a security camera system, you will need video monitoring service from Alarm Grid. Most customers who do this get a Platinum or Self-Platinum Plan. The Platinum-Level Plans include all of the same great features of the lower level plans, but with the added addition of video service for their systems. They will then be able to access Total Connect 2.0 or to view and control their cameras. Alarm Grid also offers a standalone Video Monitoring Plan that just adds video surveillance, without actually providing alarm monitoring service. This plan can actually be used without even owning a security system. This is perfect for users who want video surveillance for their home or business, and nothing beyond that.

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