Honeywell CE3

Street Smart Code Encryptor 3 Kit

Honeywell ce3 street smart code encryptor 3 kit

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The Honeywell code encryptor 3 (CE3) receiver and (2) security key fob kit is ideal for any security system that needs the added function...
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The Honeywell code encryptor 3 (CE3) receiver and (2) security key fob kit is ideal for any security system that needs the added functionality of wireless key fobs. The Honeywell Street Smart series CE3 provides arm away, arm stay, and disarm functionality with the touch of a button from anywhere within a 150’ range of the receiver. There is also the ability to activate a panic alarm with a two-button press using the data bus of most alarm system control panels. A tricolor LED status light is included in the form of a wall plate to visually alert the user of the status of the security system from a location remote from the keypad. The Honeywell CE3 kit includes the wireless receiver which attaches to the security system control panel, the LED wall plate, and two sleek (4) button security key fobs. The receiver has a 12VDC power input, compatible with most alarm control panels and consumes 6.5mA when in standby. Because it is compatible with most security systems, the CE3 is an ideal kit to easily upgrade an existing system with wireless key fob control when additional upgrades or wireless components are not necessary. Compatible security systems are listed in the chart below.

The wireless remote key fobs come equipped with a 6V lithium battery, which should be replaced annually. Honeywell CE3 Street Smart Code Encryptor 3 Kit Compatibility

Honeywell/First Alert DSC GE - Caddx Napco
4110XM All Power Series NX4 v2 P816
VISTA-10/SE/P 816 NX6 v2 P1632
VISTA-15/P 832/5010/5020 NX8 v2 P3200
VISTA-20/SE/P PC1616 NX8E v2 with RP keypads
VISTA-21iP PC1832/1834, PC1550, 2525/3000



Submitted on 04/24/2013

This kit offered exactly what my wife and I wanted in the ability to arm and disarm our system remotely. The installation was simple and the support from Sterling was terrific. He walked me through each step of the programing. I had to end the initial call before we were done and he told me when he would call back and to my suprise he did!
AlarmGrid get's an "A" in my book and Sterling "A+". He is what "Good Customer Service" is all about and AlarmGrid should be happy they have him.

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Right, had that part working. My question was if anyone knew of a way to assign an individual code for each FOB instead of one code for all, but it doesn't appear so. Thanks for your help.
Sorry, those instructions won't actually work with the Code Encryptor. The fobs for that unit don't get learned into zones in the alarm panel. Here are the instructions for it: The receiver connects to the keypad bus of the panel, and emulates a keypad. If you're using a Vista-P series panel, it will automatically set itself to address 17, so be sure that address is enabled, and that no other keypad is set to use it. From there, follow the instructions for assigning a user code, and making sure the fobs are learned in. Because you're teaching the code to the code encryptor receiver, all fobs will use the same user code.
Thanks. Neither of those methods seem to work with the CE3/CEREMLXB. I realized after posting that the numbers being sent during the serial number entry were the usercode + [2] for arming.
I'm going to be linking a few FAQs that should be able to assist you...
Is there a way to assign each FOB a different user code? When I try to program them as a wireless key using program *58 [D] and get to the serial number entry, I press button 1 but the serial number isn't long enough and both FOBs give the same number.
I have not seen this attempted before but hypothetically you could wire a second LED status plate to the same receiver. They are not sold separately to my knowledge. You would have to purchase the entire kit.
It will not work with the Lyric. This requires a hardwired connection to the keypad bus of a system like the VISTA-20P. You should be able to place your 5834-4 in High Security mode. This mode does roll codes and eliminates the ability to capture and reuse a code.
can you put an additional remote plate on the CE3 in a second location
Will this work with Lyric? Prefer rolling code to the 5800 GDCK. We know with the sixfobs, we can send the signal to the 5800GDCK, but the delay is too long. So, we currently are using the 5834 fobs transmitting a non-secure signal to the 5800 directly. But this seems backwards - we've had rolling code garage door security for nearly 20 years.
Steve, this isn't a kit, per se, this is the product, so no, you can buy additional fobs separately, but the CE3 comes with the receiver, wiring harness LED and 2 fobs.
Can this kit be purchased without the key fobs? I already have 5834-4 key fobs and am more interested in just using the light as a wireless status indicator of the alarm system.
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