Honeywell DT7435 - DUAL TEC Motion Detector Reviews

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Good Dual-Tech Motion Sensor
Submitted on 08/23/2019 Alarm Grid


The Honeywell DT7435 is a fine dual-tech motion sensor. But it has since been discontinued in favor of newer and more advanced models. If you need a hardwired Dual Tec motion sensor, then there are better options to choose from.

As a dual-tech motion detecting sensor, the Honeywell DT7435 uses both microwave detection and passive infrared (PIR) detection when looking for movement. The sensor will only alert the system if both its microwave sensor and its PIR sensor are activated. This is great for preventing false alarms for environmental conditions that may activate a motion using a PIR-only sensor. These include air from heating vents, sunshine through windows onto objects in the room, and so on. By using a microwave sensor and PIR sensor together, you get a much more accurate motion detector.

While the DT7435 works fine as a dual-tech motion sensor, there are now better options available. That is why Honeywell decided to discontinue this model. If you are in the market for a new Honeywell Dual Tec Motion Sensor, then there are better options to choose from. These include the Honeywell DT7450, the Honeywell DT7450C, the Honeywell DT8035, and the Honeywell DT8050. These motion sensors all offer a superior coverage area over the DT7435, which only spans an area of 40 feet by 35 feet.

Although the pet immunity for animals weighing up to 100 pounds is an excellent feature of the Honeywell DT7435, that same pet immunity feature is matched by the Honeywell DT8035. Our technicians have found that pet immunity works just as well on both of these devices. So if pet immunity is of major importance for you, then you can just go with the DT8035 instead of the DT7435.

Bottom line, we cannot recommend the Honeywell DT7435. There are better hardwired dual-tech motions available.