Honeywell DT900

DUAL TEC Long-Range Commercial Motion Sensor w/ Anti-Mask


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The Honeywell DT900 DUAL TEC Long-Range Motion Sensor provides reliable and consistent motion detection for a commercial setting. This hardwired motion detector uses anti-masking to prevent others from tampering with the sensor. It has a max coverage range of 90 feet. Buy the DT900 here.
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The Honeywell DT900 is a commercial-grade hardwired motion sensor that offers a maximum detection range of up to 90 feet away. This is a feature-loaded high-end motion detector that is ideal for all commercial and industrial applications. It uses both PIR technology and microwave detection.

The key advantage to using a dual-tech motion sensor like the DT900 is that it helps prevent false alarms. The device will only alert the system if both the passive infrared (PIR) sensor and the microwave sensor are activated. Users should find that the DT900 responds accurately and reliably to true motion events, while ignoring other environmental factors like flowing air or intensive sunlight. The device also features three (3) microcontroller-based sensitivity modes to meet the unique needs of the user. Make sure to perform a walk test after configuring the motion sensor.

Another great feature of the DT900 is its anti-masking protection. This is especially important for commercial and industrial environments, where people may try to tamper or disable the device by applying a disruptive substance to the lens. Anti-masking works by having the sensor periodically send out a pulsing infrared (IR) beam. If this beam is reflected back towards the sensor on two (2) consecutive occasions, then the zone will display a trouble condition on the panel. If you don't require the anti-mask feature, then the Honeywell DT901 is the same motion sensor, but without this feature.

The DT900 offers advanced self-diagnosis through its INFORMERĀ® circuit. This feature will have the motion sensor count each activation on both technologies (PIR and microwave). The sensor can then calculate a ratio to determine if the device is working properly and if both detection methods are working properly. This self-diagnostic process is completed when the device is powered on and every hour during regular operation. The device will flash three (3) LED lights in the event of a test failure. The sensor will also display LED lights for anti-masking, and recalibration maintenance.

With a tamper-resistant housing and a zero-clearance bug-guard, the DT900 is suitable for all indoor environments, including warehouses, large retail facilities, manufacturing locations, hospitals, schools and more. A digital fluorescent light filter prevents interference caused by fluorescent lighting to help ensure that the device is always operating properly. You can choose between a detection range of 50 feet by 40 feet or a range of 90 feet by 70 feet based on the application. If you require a longer, more narrow detection range, you might consider the DT906, which has a maximum detection range of 200 feet by 15 feet. There's also the DT907, which has the same detection range as the DT906, but without anti-masking.

This is a Form C motion sensor, meaning that you can use it with Normally Open (NO) or Normally Closed (NC) wiring configurations. It has separate EOL terminals, which eliminates the need for soldering a resistor into the circuit. The recommended mounting height is between 6 feet and 12 feet high. Wall, bottom cover, and top cover tamper switches are built-in. A swivel mount bracket comes included. A look down feature alerts the system if someone tries to disable the sensor from below. Max power consumption is 50mA at 12VDC. The contact rating for the Form C alarm relay is up to 25VDC and 125mA. The device weighs three (3) pounds, and it has dimensions of 8" x 6.5" x 6".

Brand: Honeywell

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