Honeywell DT906 - DUAL TEC Long-Range Commercial Motion Sensor w/ Anti-Mask Reviews

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Great Outdoor Motion Sensor!
Submitted on 01/02/2020 Alarm Grid

The Honeywell DT906 is a long-range dual-tech hardwired motion sensor that utilizes both PIR and microwave detection technologies. Using dual methods for detecting motion helps prevent false alarms, as the system will not be alerted unless both sensors (PIR and microwave) are triggered. The sensor offers a long range coverage area of up to 200 feet by 15 feet. Overall, the Honeywell DT906 is a great sensor, but it does have some downsides to consider. We give it a 5 Star rating.

There are many positive aspects that help the Honeywell DT906 stand out. Being a dual-tech sensor is a huge plus, as it helps prevent false alarms. Users who may have had trouble with false alarms for motion sensors in the past may achieve great success by switching to a dual-tech device like the DT906. But also keep in mind that many false alarms on motion sensors are caused by poor mounting. The DT906 can still cause false alarms if it is mounted poorly or used in an undesirable location. But as a dual-tech motion, it is less likely to cause false alarms. Another benefit of the DT906 is that it features anti-masking technology. This is very good for letting the system know if someone tries to defeat the sensor by applying a substance to its lens. The DT906 has a great coverage range, as its detection area spans from up to 200 feet away. The device features a bug guard to keep out insect.

Despite all those positve aspects, the Honeywell DT906 does have some serious downsides to keep in mind. Its biggest downfall is that the sensor is very difficult to adjust. This isn't a huge surprise considering how powerful of a motion sensor it is. But the sensor is so difficult to adjust that Honeywell actually released their own guide specifically covering the process for adjusting and configuring this sensor. Needless to say though, if you're looking for a simple motion sensor that is quick and easy to set up, the DT906 is not for you. We must also say that the Honeywell DT906 features a rather ugly and unattractive design. The sensor is mostly used in commercial settings where design isn't as important. While you can certainly use the sensor in your home if you have a wired system, it may become a big eyesore when mounted.

The Honeywell DT906 is a powerful motion sensor that is great for situations where a long-range dual-tech sensor is needed. But you will want to keep its downsides in consideration. Still, we see enough positve aspects in the DT906 to give it 5 Stars.

Good: Dual-Tech, Anti-Masking, Great Coverage, Bug Guard

Bad: Extremely Hard to Adjust, Ugly & Unattractive

Bottom Line: 5 Stars