Honeywell FG1625R

Round Glass Break Detector

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The Honeywell FG1625R is a glass break detector in a sleek round housing. Equipped with Honeywell’s FlexGuard technology, the FG1625R pro...
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The Honeywell FG1625R is a glass break detector in a sleek round housing. Equipped with Honeywell’s FlexGuard technology, the FG1625R provides fast response and excellent false alarm immunity. The FG1625R is the ideal way to protect your exterior windows against breakage and intrusion and blends into any room with a round case that resembles a small smoke or fire alarm.

Adding glass break protection to your security system allows you to arm your alarm in stay mode and walk around your property freely, while still protecting your windows against intrusion. They also allow you to detect a broken window before the criminal has entered your home or business. The Honeywell FG1625R is easy to install and setup with a centered wide entry gap and angled terminal block for the four wire connection. The FG1625R must be wired to the control panel’s auxiliary power circuit as well as to the designated intrusion zone. The FG1625R can be mounted on any wall, door or window frame, and even the ceiling. The FG1625R has no minimum range, and a maximum range of 25’ from the farthest protected window.

With a dip switch to easily set the sensitivity, the FG1625R will allow you to customize your installation to meet the acoustic demands of the room in which it is mounted. Remember, any material between the window and the glass break detector, such as drapes or curtains has the potential to damage the sound frequencies the FG1625R is listening for and may cut down on the functional range of the device.

The Honeywell FG1625R should be tested frequently and after installation. The FG701 glass break simulator accurately reproduces the sound and frequency of broken glass, allowing you to test the range and accuracy of your glass break sensors. With Honeywell’s state of the art FlexGuard glass break technology the FG1625R round glass break detector can protect your windows at the point of entry with optimum detection and minimal false alarms.

Brand: Honeywell

Great Hardwired Glass Break Sensor!
Submitted on 09/17/2019 Alarm Grid

The Honeywell FG1625R is a round, hardwired glass break sensor that is used for detecting broken windows and protective glass casings. If an intruder or burglar smashes your glass, then this sensor will reliably detect it. This sensor works great for its intended purpose, as it will respond to true glass break events, while ignoring potential false alarms. Our technicians are very impressed with the performance of this sensor. That is why we give it a 5 Star Rating.

As part of the Honeywell "FlexGuard" lineup, the Honeywell FG1625R offers some exceptional performance. It is typically used with hardwired alarm control panels, and it connects using a 4-wire connection. Two of these wires are for powering the device, while the other two are for communicating with the panel. There is even a dip switch on the FG1625R board for you to set the device sensitivity. You can set it to low sensitivity to prevent false alarms, or you can set it to high sensitivity for a maximum security environment.

The Honeywell FG1625R will detect glass break events from up to 25 feet away. Make sure that it is positioned properly so that it can monitor all of the windows or casings that you need it to. You should also test the sensor after installing and programming using a glass break simulator. Remember to put your system on test mode with the central station before doing this. You should find that the Honeywell FG1625R performs exactly as described when it is used correctly. We must also say that the round design looks nice and less intimidating than a boxy glass break detector.

Overall, we are major fans of the Honeywell FG1625R. It works very well, it is easy to use, and it has a pleasant round design. We rate this product at 5 Stars, and we recommend it for anyone with a hardwired system who needs reliable glass break detection.

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