Honeywell CELL3DB25KT - AlarmNet 25’ Antenna Kit Reviews

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Great Outdoor Antenna Kit!
Submitted on 08/12/2019 Alarm Grid

We strongly recommend the Honeywell CELL3DB25KT as a cellular antenna kit. This kit is great for anyone with a compatible Honeywell LYNX Touch Communicator or Honeywell VISTA Communicator who needs to strengthen their cellular reception. Some of the best communicators to use with this kit include the LTE-L57A, the LTE-L57V, the LTE-XA, the LTE-XV, the LTE-IV, and the LTE-IA.

The centerpiece of the Honeywell CELL3DB25KT is the Honeywell CELL-ANT3DB. This is an outdoor antenna that provides an average of 3 dB gain in cellular reception. This can be absolutely crucial for ensuring that your system communicates reliably. This is often the case for a user in a rural area who may not get the best cellular reception at their location. In addition to the CELL-ANT3DB, you also get the appropriate adapter cables, and a mounting bracket. Basically, you will have everything you need to get started.

Please note that a cellular antenna is usually not your only option for improving the cellular reception for your system. You might also consider using a cellular amplifier. The good thing about a cellular amplifier is that it will boost cellular signal for all devices that communicate across the same cellular network. This includes your smartphone. In other words, you will be improving cellular reception for every compatible device in the immediate area. With a cellular antenna, you are only improving the reception for your security system.

Having said that, the CELL3DB25KT works very effectively. Our technicians have found that customers who have the CELL-ANT3DB installed receive much stronger cellular signals than those who do not. We have seen customers go from having virtually no cellular signal to having some of the strongest signals we have ever seen. The antenna can be a little bit difficult to install since it needs to be mounted on the roof or in the attic. But it works very effectively once the installation is complete. Please note that another kit with a 50-foot extension cable called the CELL3DB50KT is also available.

Bottom line, if you decide that a cellular antenna is best for your needs, then the CELL3DB25KT will work great. Just remember that the CELL3DB50KT is also an option if you need a longer extension cable.