Honeywell CELL3DB25KT

AlarmNet 25’ Antenna Kit

Honeywell gsm3db25kt alarmnet 25 antenna kit

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The Honeywell GSM3DB25KT is an AlarmNet antenna kit with a 25’ extension cable. The GSM3DB25KT includes the GSM-ANT3DB weatherproof exter...
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The Honeywell GSM3DB25KT is an AlarmNet antenna kit with a 25’ extension cable. The GSM3DB25KT includes the GSM-ANT3DB weatherproof external antenna that can be added to an AlarmNet cellular alarm monitoring communicator or dual path alarm communicator to increase the cellular signal strength. The GSM3DB25KT also includes every other item needed to connect the GSM-ANT3DB antenna to your AlarmNet alarm monitoring communicator. The 7670F mounting bracket is used to mount the GSM-ANT3DB on a flat surface. The WA7626-CA adapter cable, the K14207LF adapter cable and the 7626-25hc coax cable are the three connection cables used to bridge the gap between the alarm monitoring communicator and the external antenna. The GSM3DB25KT antenna kit has everything you need to add an external antenna to your AlarmNet alarm monitoring communicator.

AlarmNet cellular alarm communicators like the Honeywell GSMV allow you to send your Honeywell security system’s alarm signals to Alarm Grid’s central station via the AT&T cellular GSM network. The cellular alarm communications are wireless and secure. Unfortunately, not every home in America has good cellular coverage. You can check the approximate cellular coverage at your address using the AT&T coverage viewer on AT&T's website. However, just because your address should have coverage, it does not guarantee that your cellular alarm communicator will work properly once installed. There are many things inside your home that can reduce the cellular signal strength and prevent your cellular alarm signals from reaching Alarm Grid’s central station. Lead paint, metal studs, reinforced concrete, and many other building materials can interfere with your cellular alarm communicator. Unfortunately, you will not know the exact cellular signal strength until you have installed the alarm communicator inside your home. By that time, it may be too late to try and choose a better installation spot for better cellular reception. Also, as AT&T has begun to shift away from 2G cellular technology to make room for the faster more advanced 3G and 4G cellular technologies, cellular alarm communicators that used to work great may start having communication issues. If your AlarmNet cellular or dual path alarm monitoring communicator is having communication problems, you will have to add an external antenna. The external antenna increases the gain of the cellular communicator’s antenna and allows you to move the cellular point of reception to the best possible spot. With the GSM3DB25KT antenna kit, you will have 25’ of cable extension so that you can mount your external antenna on the outside of your home and eliminate any cellular interference from within your home.

If you are adding the Honeywell GSM3DB25KT 25’ antenna kit to a Honeywell LYNX Plus GSMVLP cellular alarm communicator or to a Honeywell GSMX VISTA Series cellular alarm communicator, you will also need to purchase the Honeywell GSM-EAA antenna accessory to complete the installation.


Kit Includes

AlarmNet Remote Weatherproof GSM Antenna
List Price: $110.00
Our Price: $80.99
AlarmNet 25' RF Antenna Coax Cable
List Price: $90.00
Our Price: $69.99
AlarmNet SMA to N Adapter Cable
List Price: $35.00
Our Price: $22.99
Yes, using the GSM-EXT which is included in this kit, you can connect this antenna to an L5210 system.
should this kit be able to connect to a Lynx 5210?
Yes, this is compatible with the VISTA-GSM4G communicator that the VISTA-21iP supports.
Can this connect to a Vista 21 ip gsm4g
Yes, Honeywell has not updated their document. You are correct.
Refer to: This calls out the GSM-EXT as a required accessory for the GSMVLP5/GSMVLP5-4G models, but the connector shown is the same in the GSMV4G I have. Honeywell has not updated all their documents to include the GSMV4G. Either that or I'm completely wrong. But I don't think so
Except it doesn't say that. It only lists the K14207LF adapter cable which shows the previous type of antenna connector. I'll find out when package arrives, I guess. Your descriptions are excellent, but taking them at face value led me to believe I wasn't getting the GSM-EXT with the kit. I even reviewed honeywell's descriptions of these kits and their compatibility guide (which hasn't been updated to include the GSMV4G) and I came to the conclusion I needed both parts
Okay, the GSM-EXT is included in the 50' kit as mentioned above so you probably didn't need to order a second one.
I ordered the 50' kit and the gsm-ext today
The antenna kits should be shipping with the GSM-EXT now. Did you already purchase the antenna kit?
Upon review of the connectors inside, the GSMV4G appears to require the GSM-EXT antenna adapter.
Yes, this antenna kit will work with the GSMV4G.
Is this compatible with the GSMV4G?
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