Honeywell IS216

PIR Motion Detector

Honeywell is216 pir motion detector

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The Honeywell IS216 is a passive infrared motion detector that provides interior protection for any wired security system. The IS216 is a...

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The Honeywell IS216 is a passive infrared motion detector that provides interior protection for any wired security system. The IS216 is an installer friendly motion sensor housed in an attractive white case that blends seamlessly into any home or business décor.

Flexible mounting options allow the IS216 to be mounted flush on the wall, in a corner, or with a bracket. With a coverage range of 40 by 40 feet, the IS216 should be mounted in direct view of the intended protection area, at approximately 7’ to 9’ high for optimal detection. It is recommended that motion sensors be mounted in areas where an intruder would have to cross the path of the beams in the event of a break in. Installer settings are easy to change on the IS216 with the flip of DIP switch #2, which allows you to easily toggle from low to high sensitivity. DIP switch #1 allows you to control the red LED indicator and put the motion detector into walk testing mode:

Honeywell IS216 LED Operation

warm up (2 minutes)

ConditionDIP Switch #1 ONDIP switch #1 OFFRelay
slow blinkslow blinkclosed
alarmon for 3 secondsoffopen for 3 seconds
troublefast blinkfast blink--

After first applying power to the IS216, the LED will remain enabled for a 10 minute walk test period, which can be restarted by turning on and off DIP switch #1.

The IS216 PIR motion detector combines the best of Honeywell’s motion technology into an easy to install package. Mounting flexibility, white light immunity, a black bug guard, temperature compensation, and a UV tolerant lens are just a few of the modern technologies that Honeywell has crammed into this small wired device. Compatible with all hardwired security systems, the IS216 is ideal for Honeywell Vista series wired alarm panel installations. Get the most flexible and easiest to install feature rich PIR motion detector today with the Honeywell IS216.

Brand: Honeywell

While you can wire multiple motions in series so they are all on one zone, we strongly suggest you break out each motion to its own zone. It can be very difficult to determine the cause of a false alarm on a motion when you are only considering one environment. By grouping more than one motion into a zone, it makes it nearly impossible to determine the cause of a false alarm as you have to consider two or more environments as you won't know which specific motion was triggered.
When wiring the IS216 or any of your Hardwired motion detectors to the Vista 20p panel, do they each need to be on their own Zone? Can you wire them in a series similar to the entry/exit sensors? I'm trying to determine how to do it without purchasing an expansion board for hardwired zones.
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