Honeywell IS280CM

Ceiling Mount PIR Motion Detector

Honeywell is280cm ceiling mount pir motion detector

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The Honeywell IS280CM is a ceiling mount passive infrared motion detector. The IS280CM has a 360 degree coverage pattern and a low profil...
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The Honeywell IS280CM is a ceiling mount passive infrared motion detector. The IS280CM has a 360 degree coverage pattern and a low profile housing. Because it is designed to be mounted on the ceiling, the IS280CM can cover the center of a larger room, and is not as susceptible to vandalism as a standard motion that is mounted on a wall.

Thanks to advanced microprocessor technology and a 100% tested pyroelectric element, the IS280CM provides state of the art detection with excellent false alarm protection. The IS280CM is compatible with most hardwired control panels, and is ideal for use with Honeywell’s VISTA series. Designed to fit on a single gang electrical box, the IS280CM has easy to use wiring knockouts making it a breeze to install. The IS280CM combines 50 fields of view into a 360 degree top down coverage pattern with a diameter of 46 feet when mounted on the ceiling. Note that as with most passive infrared motion detectors, the IS280CM should not be mounted in range of direct sunlight, close to heating or cooling elements or near objects that may unintentionally move.

The Honeywell IS280CM performs well in harsh environments, from 14-122°F and is equipped with advanced false alarm protection features. These include protection against RF signals, electrostatic discharge and a bug guard which protects against insects and unwanted drafts. The IS280CM also has four pulse count modes which provide you with a selectable sensitivity setting to meet the needs of the installation environment. PIR motion detectors must be mounted within the line of sight of the intended protection area, so make sure that no large features or furniture are blocking the intended coverage pattern of the IS280CM. Make sure to walk test the ceiling mounted motion to ensure that the device is working properly and installed correctly to match the intended protection area. The IS280CM ceiling mount motion sensor is an ideal selection for larger rooms where wall mounted motions cannot provide complete coverage.

Brand: Honeywell

Yes, you can certainly use wired motions with the L7000 if you use a 5800C2W. However, I would like to comment on the 3 minute lockout transmission feature so you understand how it works. It will only go to sleep if it's tripped in the disarmed state. Therefore, if you avoid walking in front of the motion before arming the system, the motion will be active and ready to detect intrusion, as soon as the system is armed. Even if you did walk in front of the motion right before arming, a normal exit delay is 60 seconds so the motion would only be sleeping for the next 2 minutes and then it would be ready to detect an intrusion. That should make you feel better about how the 5800PIR-RES works but again, wired motions to a converter do work as well.
I purchased an L7000 system, but I'm not too confident with the 5800PIR-RES motion sensors - mainly because of the 3 minute reset and I'm wondering if a wired sensor (like the ISO280CM with the 5800C2W) would be an option.
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