Honeywell K4274V1-H M7274 - Plastic Door for 6160 Keypad Reviews

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Submitted on 09/04/2019 Alarm Grid

The Honeywell K4274V1-H M7274 is the small plastic door used with the Honeywell 6160 Keypad and similar keypad variants. Its purpose is to hide the push-button numbers when the keypad is not in use. When you go to use the keypad, you can pull down the door to expose the touch-buttons below. And when you are finished, you can close the door to hide the buttons. It really is that simple. Since the Honeywell K4274V1-H M7274 does its job perfectly, we give it a perfect 5-Star Rating.

Many users mistakenly believe that K4274V1-H M7274 is the name of the keypad itself. This is very common for users who have never seen a Honeywell 6160 Keypad before. They pull down the door, see the code, and assume it's the name of the keypad. And since many people mistake keypads for actual alarm systems, some users falsely believe that the Honeywell K4274V1-H M7274 is the name of their alarm systems. In reality, it is just the part name of the plastic door on their keypads. The Honeywell K4274V1-H M7274 is found on Honeywell 6160 Keypads, as well as on their variants. These include the Honeywell 6160RF, Honeywell 6160V, and more.

A great aspect of the Honeywell K4274V1-H M7274 is that it can be easily removed if desired. Simply pull off the plastic door from the grooves on the keypad, and then pull away. You will now have the small plastic door separated from the keypad. This is good if you want to leave the touchpad on the 6160 Keypad exposed at all times. You can always reattach the small plastic door later on if needed. The 6160 Keypad will look fine whether the door is on or off. It's really up to you with how you want to present it. Do not confuse this 6160 plastic door with the 6150 plastic door. The Honeywell 6150 plastic door is a totally different part number, and it is considerably smaller.

Bottom line, the Honeywell K4272V1-H M7274 is a good plastic door, We give it 5-Stars due to its great performance,