Honeywell K4274V1-H M7274

Plastic Door for 6160 Keypad

Honeywell k4274v1 h m7274

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The part name Honeywell K4274V1-H M7274​ refers to the small plastic drop-down door on a Honeywell 6160 Keypad. Many users believe that the part name is the model number of the keypad. But it is really just the small door. It can be removed if desired. Buy the Honeywell K4274V1-H M7274 here.

This product has been discontinued and is no longer in stock.


The Honeywell K4274V1-H M7274 is the part name for the small plastic drop-down door that is used with the Honeywell 6160 Keypad, as well as its variants like the 6160RF and the 6160V. Many users confuse this part name for the actual keypads, but it is nothing more than the plastic door.

The sole purpose of the Honeywell K4274V1-H M7274 is to cover up the push-buttons on the 6160 Keypad. If the user wants to, they can remove this plastic door so that the buttons are constantly exposed. If the user leaves the door attached, it can either cover the buttons or hang down below.

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