Honeywell L5000PK - L5000 LYNX Touch Wireless Security System Reviews

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Don't Get wires, just get teh LT Cable
Submitted on 01/02/2014 D Rumkin

You dont' need to buy wires. Alarm Grid has an LT-Cable that works perfectly for this system.

Hope this info help you.
Submitted on 12/04/2013 David L.

If you plan to install this kits yourself, you must know that the kits provided is not complete. You have to purchase electrical wires to connect to your transformer

Not bad... not bad at all
Submitted on 09/12/2012 Bart

The manuals were really simple. I quickly installed the system and got it working. It's highly customizable, and really simple to use and the key fob that comes with the pack works really well which made me happy.

The pack comes with three different manuals, but they are summarized, and it's really simple to figure out. the manuals really helped me figure out how to customize my system. I had a couple problems during setup, but the manuals pretty much old me exactly how to fix them. For those DIYers who haven't really touched one of these things, but who are excited to try there is a small learning curve. I, for exapmle, had to learn and understand loops, faults and some other words I'd never really dealt with until I started working with these alarm systems. Luckily, any mistakes you make are easily undone and modification and customization is easy becauseeof how intuitive the system is.

I needed a bit of technical support when I was trying to set it up. So I called Alarm Grid, they got me up and running. they understood the product really well and were able to help me with my hangups. So, while I've read on other reviews that Honeywell won't support the product unless your a licensed dealer or something like that, the alternative was simple, and I didn't really have any snags to speak of.

Took 3 hours, and I neve rhad to think abotu it again
Submitted on 09/03/2012 Alarmfile

Got the system up and running in about 2.5/3 hours. It wasn't a problem at all. I have installed systems before, so this wasn't new to me at all. the L5000 control panel tha tis included is goign to be obsolete. I think they are switching it out for the L5100 which in my experience is a better panel. But this one was perfect for what we needed. It doens' thave as much functionality as the L5100, but it does a lot and it does it in a way that is difficult to screw up.

A+ from us.