Honeywell L7000PK - Wireless Security System w/ 5816 Door/Window Sensors Reviews

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Submitted on 05/28/2020 Alarm Grid

The Honeywell L7000PK is a security system kit from Alarm Grid. It includes a Honeywell L7000 LYNX Touch System, three (3) door and window sensors, a motion sensor, and a key fob. This is a rather incomplete kit, as it does not include a communicator to use with the L7000 System. And without one, there is no way to use the system for alarm monitoring service. You really should just buy a kit that includes a communicator instead. Or you might also consider the Honeywell Lyric Alarm System, which comes with built-in WIFI. But still, we really like the L7000 as a system itself, and the included kit sensors are nice as well. But since we do not recommend this particular kit, we can only give it a 4 Star rating.

There are positive aspects regarding the L7000PK. For one, the system can still be used for reliable and effective monitoring service, provided that a compatible communicator is added. There is the Honeywell L5100-WIFI for IP service, plus either the Honeywell LTE-L57A or Honeywell LTE-L57V for cellular service. The sensors that come with the Honeywell L7000PK are of high quality, and they will last a very long time. They are also very easy to enroll with the L7000. And the system itself also has an outstanding build quality, and it will certainly serve you well. And we also like the fact that the system has firmware that is very easy to upgrade using the Honeywell LYNXTOUCH-MSD Firmware Updater Tool, which is purchased separately.

But there are some big downsides to the Honeywell L7000PK. This kit does not come with a communicator, so you must add one if you want to get the system monitored. And it's also important to note that there are many other more advanced systems on the market today, including the Honeywell Lyric. Alarm Grid has kits for those systems as well, and we'd really recommend those kits over the L7000PK. That is why we can only give this product a 4 Star rating.

Good: Reliable for Monitoring, Great Sensors Included, Excellent Build Quality, Easy Firmware Upgrades

Bad: No Communicator Included, Better Systems Available

Bottom Line: 4 Stars