Base Kits

Base kits are packaged alarm system kits that include almost everything you need to get started with a security system. The kits usually include a panel, door and window contact sensors, a motion sensor, and an easy-to-install power cable. You will still need a communicator. Purchase base kits here.
Honeywell LyricPK10 - WIFI only Lyric security system w/ 10 door/window sensors
Honeywell Lyric WIFI-Only 10-1 Kit
Alarm System, 10 door/window sensors, 1 Motion, 8' Cable
List Price: $732.00
Our Price: $394.99
Qolsys IQ Panel 4 345 MHz in Black AT&T LTE 3-1 PowerG Kit
Alarm System Kit w/ 3 PowerG Door/Window Sensors & 1 PowerG Motion
List Price:
Our Price: $10,000.00
Honeywell LyricPK-ENC
Honeywell Lyric WIFI-Only Encrypted 3-1 Kit
Alarm System w/ 3 Door/Window Sensors 1 Motion & 8-FT Cable
List Price: $632.00
Our Price: $363.99
Honeywell LyricPK10-ENC
Honeywell Lyric WIFI-Only Encrypted 10-1 Kit
Alarm System w/ 10 Door/Window Sensors 1 Motion & 8-FT Cable
List Price: $926.00
Our Price: $534.99
Honeywell L5210PK10 - Wireless Security System w/ No Communicators
Honeywell L5210PK10
Wireless Security System, 10 Door/Window Sensors, No Communicator
List Price: $770.00
Our Price: $401.99
Honeywell L7000PK - Wireless Security System with 5816 Door or Window Sensors
Honeywell L7000PK
Wireless Security System w/ 5816 Door/Window Sensors
List Price: $491.00
Our Price: $345.99

If you are looking for security system base kits, then you have come to the right place. These pre-packaged kits have almost everything a new user needs to get started with home or business security. You might still have to purchase and add a few miscellaneous items, but a base kit can certainly provide a good start. And if you don't plan on using your system for alarm monitoring, then you may be good to go with a base kit alone. Remember that alarm monitoring is always recommended.

The base kits from Alarm Grid often include the bare minimum for setting up a system. They usually don't come with a communicator for alarm monitoring service. These base kits should not be confused with our standard security system kits. Most system kits will include a communicator for getting the system monitored. But if you don't want a communicator and active monitoring service, then you will be good to go with a base kit.

Additionally, some security systems don't require an added communicator to be used for alarm monitoring service. An example is the Resideo Lyric Controller. This system comes with an integrated WIFI card so that it can connect with the Resideo AlarmNet Servers right out of the box. You will still need an alarm monitoring plan, but any additional hardware will be completely optional.

However, the Resideo Lyric Alarm System is an exception to the rule. Most panels will need some added communicator. This includes panels that can utilize an IP-only setup to reduce monitoring costs. Resideo Panels can connect with the AlarmNet Servers through IP (WIFI or ethernet) alone. But only the Lyric Alarm System and the VISTA-21iP Security Panel come internet-ready right out of the box. Other Resideo Panels like those from the LYNX Touch Series or the other VISTA Panels need an added IP or cellular communicator.

Additionally, the Systems almost always use an added cellular communicator to connect with the Servers for monitoring service. Using a cellular communicator will require a more expensive monitoring plan that includes cellular connectivity. This is due to the added costs of cellular service. However, there are some key benefits to going the cellular route. Cellular service is typically more reliable than IP connectivity. It is extremely rare for cellular service to go down or become unavailable. Cellular service is also unaffected by power outages.

Even though a base kit doesn't include an added communicator, it does include sensors. The typical base kit will include door and window contact sensors and a motion detecting sensors. These sensors are perfect for letting your system know about any activity inside the building. You will also get an easy-to-use power cable and transformer for supplying power to the panel. A backup battery will provide power in case the electricity goes out. Wireless sensors are typically very easy to install and program with a security system.

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