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Honeywell lynxrchkit hc lynx high capacity battery backup

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The Honeywell LYNXRCHKIT-HC is a high capacity battery backup for a Honeywell LYNX Series wireless alarm control panel. The LYNXRCHKIT-HC...
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The Honeywell LYNXRCHKIT-HC is a high capacity battery backup for a Honeywell LYNX Series wireless alarm control panel. The LYNXRCHKIT-HC was originally developed for the older LYNXR-EN, LYNXR-I and LYNXR-2 wireless alarm control panels bust also works with the newer L3000 LYNX Plus system and the LYNX Touch Series of panels (L5000, L5100, L5200, L5210 and L7000).

Unlike the LYNXRCHKIT-SC standard capacity battery backup that is made up of six 1100mAh nickel-metal hydride batteries that are run in series and wrapped into a battery pack, the LYNXRCHKIT-HC is actually made up of six 2100mAh nickel-metal hydride batteries and is rated at 7.2VDC. Each individual battery is a standard cell, size A battery capable of taking a continuous trickle charge at 100mA. As the batteries are size A instead of the size AA batteries found in the LYNXRCHKIT-SC battery pack, the battery pack is slightly larger and the battery retainer clip needs to be installed in a different location within the LYNX Touch alarm control panel. To replace the standard capacity battery with the LYNXRCHKIT-HC, you will need to unplug your Honeywell wireless alarm control panel's power supply from the wall outlet and then snap open the plastic case by depressing the tabs along the top edge. After unscrewing the screw that holds down the battery retainer clip, disconnect the battery pack connector from the plug on the circuit board. Remove the retainer clip and the battery pack. Next, install the LYNXRCHKIT-HC battery and route the wire through the battery cable channel on the lower left side of the battery compartment. Reinstall the battery retainer clip, using the notch to the left, and secure with the screw. Secure the battery wire using the battery wire routing clips and plug the battery connector into the circuit board. Finally, snap the LYNX Touch control panel shut and reapply AC power.

Your LYNXRCHKIT-HC battery back can take up to (48) hours to fully recharge. However, after (4) hours the “low battery” message should clear from your LYNX Series wireless alarm control panel. During a power outage, the LYNXRCHKIT-HC will provide power to your alarm control panel so that your home will remain secured. Your LYNX control panel will display a “low battery” message and, if your system is monitored, a “low battery” signal will be sent to Alarm Grid’s central station at least (1) hour before the battery is fully drained to warn you that your system is close to shutting down. The LYNX Touch wireless alarm control panel will also beep every (45) seconds to indicate the low battery condition. You can silence the beeping by pressing any key on the L5100.

If you have the L3000 LYNX Plus wireless alarm control panel the LYNXRCHKIT-HC will provide (24) hours of battery backup unless your system is using an AlarmNet 7847i-L internet alarm communicator or the GSMVLP4G cellular alarm communicator, in which case it will only provide eight hours . As the 7847i-L and GSMVLP4G draw power from the LYNX Plus rechargeable battery pack, you will need to upgrade to the LYNXRCHKIT-SHA super high capacity battery backup if you want (24) hours of standby power during a power outage. Honeywell doesn't have listed run times for the LYNXRCHKIT-HC when using it with a LYNX Touch system and you should expect similar run time as the LYNXRCHKIT-SC standard battery (included with all LYNX Touch panels) when used with those systems.


You'd have to talk to your seller about that if it didn't come with the bigger clip. Or you'd have to use a custom solution to hold the battery in.
Pretty sure my system came without the bigger one. I'll have to re-check when I get home. Thank you.
Ah okay, I understand now. The system actually comes with two battery retainer clips and the battery housing has two separate notches, one for each retainer. You need to use the bigger retainer if you have the bigger battery.
Good morning. I have the Lynx Touch 7000. The battery is not the problem, it fits perfectly. The retainer is. The retainer provided with the panel perfectly fits over the standard 4 hr battery pack. Nevertheless this retainer, as the high capacity battery pack is wider/thicker, it does not hook into the securing slot, does not fit over the battery and therefore cannot be screwed/secured in place.
What system do you have? This battery should fit in any LYNX all-in-one wireless system.
The -SC retainer is too small to secure the -HC battery in place. Where and how can I get the correct retainer?
Yes, it works with all LYNX Touch panels.
Does this 24 hour battery work with the L7000?
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