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Wired Temperature Sensor


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Those looking for a hardwired temperature sensor can turn to the Honeywell TS300 for reliable performance. The sensor can monitor both the temperature around the immediate area, as well as the temperature for a secondary area by using an added external probe. Buy the Honeywell TS300 here.
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The Honeywell TS300 is a hardwired dual-temperature sensor. The unit can detect both the temperature in the immediate area, as well as the temperature in a secondary area if an external probe is added. Alarm Grid sells the Honeywell TS300R Probe, which is great for pairing with the TS300.

When setting up the TS300, the user can set defined high/low temperature ranges for the sensor. The device has an LCD display screen to assist with the setup process. If the temperature goes outside the defined high/low range, then the system will respond based on the Response Type set for the associated zone. The defined limits can be different for the immediate sensor and the secondary area monitored using the probe. The temperature limits for the main area can be set to anywhere between 32°F and 140°F. When using an added probe, these limits extend to -40°F and 140°F.

The TS300 will use two (2) separate zones when monitoring both the immediate area and a secondary area using a probe. As one would expect, one zone is for main sensor in the immediate area, and the other zone is for the secondary area being monitored by the probe. If you only need one function, then you only need to program for one zone. The two outputs can both be configured for either NC or NO wiring to allow for greater flexibility in setup. Remember that an external probe is NOT included with the TS300, so you must add your own if you want to use that function.

In addition to having the system trigger a programmed Response Type when the temperature goes outside the defined limits, the TS300 can also activate an internal piezo sounder to alert the end user. This sounder function is optional, and it doesn't need to programmed if the user does not want this function. The sound can be stopped by pressing and holding a button on the main sensor. It is also possible to program a delay for the sensor so that it only activates if the temperature goes outside the defined limit for an extended period of time.

Other features for the Honeywell TS300 Temperature Sensor include programmable hysteresis for preventing multiple alarms, alarm memory for up to eight (8) events, and a timeout function for the piezo sounder. The piezo sounder is rated at 75 dB. The sensor draws a maximum of 25mA of power from the panel. The sensor measures 2.6"L x 4"W x 0.9"D. Tamper cover detection is built into the device.

Brand: Honeywell

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