iDevices IDEV0001ANP5

Plug-In Smart Switch

Idevices idev0001anp5 plug in smart switch
  • Idevices idev0001anp5 plug in smart switch
  • Idevices idev0001anp5 box plug in smart switch

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By using the iDevices Plug-In Smart Switch, you can gain smart functionality over a plug-in device. The module is compatible with Apple Home Kit, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and the iDevices Connected App for supreme access and control. Buy the iDevices Plug-In Smart Switch here.
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The iDevices Plug-In Smart Switch allows you to turn any regular plug-in device into a smart device. The module is very easy to use, as it plugs into a standard wall outlet. Simply connect the device you want to use with the side outlet, and you will be able to use it for smart operation.

Once you have configured the iDevices Smart Switch and connected an appropriate device, you will gain the ability to control that device through several excellent smart platforms. These include Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. The HomeKit functionality is particularly exciting, as you will be to use the device in conjunction with smart automation scenes that have been set up through HomeKit. All three of these platforms also allow users to operate the device through spoken voice commands. And for added functionality, you can also use the iDevices Connected App for control over all your iDevices equipment.

The pleasing design and compact size of the iDevices Plug-In Smart Switch Module allows it to fit-in very well with virtually any setting. It measures just 1.57"H x 2.71"W x 1.65"D, so you won't have to worry about providing a large amount of space. An added bonus is the integrated night light on the module. The color of this light can be customized by the user for personalization. The device also provides energy consumption data so that you can monitor how much electricity your plug-in device is using. Along with smart scheduling, this can be very helpful for keeping energy costs down. Most importantly, you'll love the ability to control your plug-in device from across the house or across the world.


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