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In-Wall Switch

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The iDevices In-Wall Switch lets users convert any standard wall switch into a smart and connected switch. This will let them control the switch through smart platforms such as Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Buy this easy to use and convenient smart switch from Alarm Grid.
  • Apple HomeKit

This product has been discontinued and is no longer in stock.


If you want smart control over a standard wall switch, then the iDevices In-Wall Switch is the solution for you. This module replaces an existing switch to give the user smart control over a device. This is useful for hardwired lights, ceiling fans and any other switch-operated device.

The iDevices In-Wall Switch connects with a local WIFI network for smart operation and control. Once connected, the device can be used with smart platforms, such as Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. These platforms all allow for voice control for easy operation. Apple HomeKit also provides the added capability of integrating the in-wall switch into a network of HomeKit devices. The module is also very easy to set up with a WIFI network, and no external hub is required.

The smart switch can be configured for a single pole setup, or a user can set up multiple switches to use 3-way or 4-way functionality. This provides a user with great flexibility in setting up smart switches for their home. Other features include the ability to create automated schedules of when the switch will activate and energy monitoring information. This can be very beneficial for users who want to cut energy costs.

The iDevices In-Wall Switch has an integrated customizable LED light for added personalization. Functionality with the iDevices Connected App lets the user conveniently manage the device settings. The module measures in at 4.13"H x 1.77"W x 1.72"D.

Brand: iDevices

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