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Wireless Instant Switch & Plug-In Smart Switch

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The iDevices Wireless Instant Switch and Plug-In Smart Switch Kit is perfect for users who want to gain smart control over plug-in devices. The included Wireless Instant Switch serves as a remote controller that is used for operating the device from a second room. Buy this combo kit here.
  • Apple HomeKit

This product has been discontinued and is no longer in stock.


Users who want to turn any regularly connected plug-in device into a smart device should look no further than the iDevices Wireless Instant Switch & Plug-In Smart Switch Kit. The Plug-In Smart Switch connects with any standard wall outlet, while the Instant Switch serves as a controller.

The Plug-In Smart Switch is a great way to convert virtually any normal plug-in electrical device into a smart device. The module simply connects into a standard wall outlet. From there, you can connect your electrical device into the side outlet and use it with smart operation. This will allow you to integrate the connected device with various smart platforms. These platforms include Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and the iDevices Connected Mobile App. HomeKit functionality is particularly important, as it lets the user control the connected device from anywhere using their iOS device. They can also integrated the device into automated HomeKit scenes to function with other HomeKit-compatible devices. Additionally, HomeKit, Alexa and Google Assistant will all allow the device to function with voice commands.

The Instant Switch Remote is a nice addition, as it provides a second on-site access point for controlling the device connected with the Plug-In Smart Switch. You can mount the Instant Switch Remote without having to drill any holes or use any screws. Instead, the included piece of double-sided foam tape is all that is required. An integrated leveler and included faceplate make it easy to achieve a neat and tidy installation. The device uses a CR2032 coin battery for power, and its average battery life is two years.

Brand: iDevices

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