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Wireless Instant Switch & Smart Socket

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The iDevices Wireless Instant Switch with Smart Socket Kit offers a super easy and convenient way to set up a light bulb for smart functionality. This special package includes an iDevices Smart Socket and an iDevices Wireless Instant Switch Remote. Buy this Smart Socket kit from Alarm Grid.
  • Apple HomeKit

This product has been discontinued and is no longer in stock.


Adding smart control for a lightbulb has never been easier with the iDevices Wireless Instant Switch and Smart Socket Kit. This will allow you to turn any standard Edison-style lightbulb into a smart lightbulb for easy access and control. No hub is required, and no wires need to be run.

The iDevices Smart Socket plugs-into a regular bulb socket, and a normal lightbulb connects from there. This smart socket provides multiple methods of remote operation and control for easy use. Perhaps the most convenient feature is the ability to use the Smart Socket with Apple HomeKit on iOS devices. HomeKit allows for remote operation from virtually anywhere, and users can set up the device with smart scenes that are set up through the platform. Devices can be set to respond automatically based on predetermined events and schedules, and customized scenes can be created to suit the user's lifestyle. In addition to Apple HomeKit, the smart socket also offers integration with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and the iDevices Connected App.

For added convenience, the Wireless Instant Switch functions as a mountable remote control switch for operating the smart socket. This way, you can convert a standard lightbulb into a device that can be operated with an on-wall switch. You can even set the Instant Switch up in another room to control the smart socket from a separate location. No holes need to be drilled to install the Instant Switch, as it can be mounted using double-sided foam tape. A custom faceplate allows the user to pick a convenient location for the device. It uses a CR2032 battery for power.

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