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Wireless Instant Switch & In-Wall Switch

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The iDevices Wireless Instant Switch and In-Wall Switch Kit is a great option for users who want to replace an existing in-wall switch to provide smart functionality. The Wireless Instant Switch Remote provides added convenience as a wall-mounted controller. Buy this versatile kit here.
  • Apple HomeKit

This product has been discontinued and is no longer in stock.


DIY users looking to replace an existing in-wall switch with a smart device have an ideal solution with the iDevices In-Wall Switch and Wireless Instant Switch. The In-Wall Switch serves as the controller for the lights or fan, while the Instant Switch Remote offers a second access point.

The iDevices In-Wall Switch replaces a standard in-wall switch to provide smart functionality for any connected hardwired fixtures. This can include lights or a ceiling fan. The iDevices module will connect with the user's local WIFI network so that it can be controlled remotely and integrate with various smart platforms. Arguably the most exciting feature is the ability to use the iDevices In-Wall Switch with the Apple HomeKit platform. This will allow the user to control the module remotely using their iOS device, and they will be able to integrate the module in with any HomeKit scenes for automated operation. The In-Wall Switch is also compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant for additional voice options.

Meanwhile, the Wireless Instant Switch serves as a secondary on-site controller for the In-Wall Switch. It can be conveniently wall-mounted in a separate room for easy access by the user. The device can be easily mounted using double-sided foam tape. No holes need to be drilled, and the user will not need to run any wires. An built-in leveler and included faceplate helps ensure that the installation looks as professional as possible. Additionally, the Instant Switch can be programmed with a different iDevices product if the user desires. The remote uses a CR2032 battery for power, and it has an average battery lifespan of two years. It communicates with an iDevices product through Bluetooth.

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