Kidde SM120X

Smoke Detector Relay Module

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The Kidde SM120X Smoke Detector Relay Module SM120X will trigger auxiliary warning devices. These include external sirens and sounders, pathway lighting and more. The device activates upon receiving signal from an interconnected Kidde Smoke Detector. Buy the SM120X Relay Module here.
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Users looking for a smoke detector relay module can obtain great results from the Kidde SM120X. The relay device is designed to activate external sirens, strobes and lights that provide audible and visual indication of a fire. It works by receiving signals from interconnected Kidde devices.

The Kidde SM120X is designed for use with high-voltage hardwired smoke detectors. It is wired in with the smoke detector network, and it receives 120 volts of power through an interconnected line during a fire alarm event. This power puts the SM120X into action, and the module will begin powering external devices as needed. Note that the switch contacts in any pull station must be rated for 120 volts.

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