Linear FS20Z-1

Isolated Contact Fixture Module


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The Linear FS20Z-1 is a heavy duty, isolated contact module designed to control high voltage loads including commercial lighting, dry con...

This product has been discontinued and is no longer in stock.


The Linear FS20Z-1 is a heavy duty, isolated contact module designed to control high voltage loads including commercial lighting, dry contacts, pumps and water heaters. This unit should be fed with 120VAC which will power the module and the high voltage load(s). The physical device is designed to perfectly fit into a single-gang box. This will help to neaten the install and meet electrical code. The Romex can be pre-wired to the box in advance. The FS20Z-1 is to be wired in series with a maximum load of up to 20 amps (277 Volts AC).

Similar to the Elk 9200, the FS20Z-1 is essentially a high voltage pass through. What separates these two products is that the FS20Z-1 has an integrated Z-Wave chip so the device itself can be included into a Z-Wave mesh network. After the Z-Wave controller has been set to learning mode, simply press and release the ID button on the front of the unit. Then the FS20Z-1 can be integrated into scenes, rules and schedules.

The L5100-ZWAVE controller allows the FS20Z-1 to interact with your Honeywell LYNX Touch series alarm system. The Tuxedo Touch and/or the VAM are each Z-Wave controllers for the VISTA P-series security panels. Also the 2GIG GoControl panel has a factory equipped Z-Wave controller. All of these security panels (with the proper controller for Honeywell panels) can speak Z-Wave with this fixture module. You can setup rules to toggle power to this module based on various triggers such as schedules (time of day, sunset/sunrise, and randomization), alarm system operations (arming, alarms, and faults), and manual execution from the keypad or remotely via Total Connect or interactive services.

The FS20Z-1 is protected by an internal fuse. However it is only factory serviceable. This means that you will need to send it out to Linear (Now Nortek) in order to replace the fuse. Always check the breaker or fuse at the electrical panel first to be sure it is not an issue at the electrical source.

Brand: Linear

We recommend finding a compatible 120 volt transformer that will work to power your siren. This transformer can plug into a Z-Wave switch and be programmed to activate the siren when the Lyric goes into alarm. There's also a good chance that the siren you have in mind isn't compatible with the Linear FS20Z-1.
I hope I can use this to drive a wired siren off a Lyric? Someone from Alarm Grid suggested using a Z-wave switch, but, that would imply my siren runs off 120 VAC. I don't think sirens usually run off 120 VAC. So something like this is what I want I think.
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