How do I wire the trigger on a Lyric security system?

The Lyric security system has no hardwired, programmable trigger outputs available on the main board. Rather than provide a voltage output trigger, Honeywell opted instead to add a 2nd non-powered, hardwired zone input. In the past, one of the most common uses for a trigger output on the Honeywell all-in-one touchscreen panels, was to provide a triggering mechanism for a high current, external siren which would operate via a power supply and a low current relay.

Instead, the Lyric supports the SiXSIREN, which is a bi-directional, encrypted, and supervised siren that provides an 85dB sounder and is powered by 4 1.5V AA Lithium batteries. Each SiXSIREN requires one wireless zone be programmed for supervision purposes. These devices have a nominal wireless range of 300 feet from the main panel. With this option, you can put a sounder in each room, if you like, negating the need to use triggers, relays, or power supplies to add additional sounders.

If you were looking for a trigger for some other purpose, there are several Z-Wave options available. You could use the Linear-PS15Z-2 or the FS20Z-1. With one of these devices paired with the system, you can program smart scenes to control when the device is turned on or turned off.

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