Linear PD300Z-2

Z-Wave Plug-in Lamp Dimmer Module

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The Linear PD300Z-2 is a Z-Wave lamp dimmer module. The unit simply plugs into a standard 120VAC power outlet. There is a 2-prong (ungrou...
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The Linear PD300Z-2 is a Z-Wave lamp dimmer module. The unit simply plugs into a standard 120VAC power outlet. There is a 2-prong (ungrounded) and a 3-prong (grounded) AC outlet located on each end of this module. The 2-prong outlet is the only one that can be controlled by Z-Wave technology. It supports up to a 300 watt load. Wattage is generally printed on each bulb so just add the sum of the bulb's wattage. Also this dimmer module is not designed for non-resistive loads such as Compact Fluorescent (CFL) bulbs. The grounded outlet is always live and cannot be controlled via Z-Wave. It is simply a pass through that prevents the module from taking up any AC outlet real estate. If you are looking to control a grounded appliance via Z-Wave, we recommend you check out the Linear PS-15Z-2 (up to 120VAC, 15A) or the FS20Z-1 (up to 277VAC, 20A) appliance modules.

The PD300Z-2 is the ideal device for testing and learning how to include Z-Wave nodes in the mesh network. The dexterity and ease of install for this device is what makes it a perfect fit for being the first device added to the network or the last for offering a bridge in your mesh network. Also, all Linear devices support "beaming" which allows other Z-wave devices to hop from node to node back to the controller. Z-wave mesh networks only support 4 total hops back to the brain. Although it varies it is best to have no more than 30-50 feet between each device.

In order to add the PD300Z-2 to your Z-wave network you will need to put the controller in "inclusion mode." Once in inclusion mode you can tap the learning button on the dimmer module twice. Be patient. Z-wave is a bit latent when it comes to inclusion. Wait for a few minutes before testing after inclusion. The first troubleshooting step for faulty Z-wave devices is to exclude and re-include the device. For this device, exclusion is the same process as inclusion. Place the controller in "exclusion mode" and tap the ID button twice on the module. Then you can try to re-include if desired.

After the PD300Z-2 is added to your network, it is designed to offer wireless (Z-wave) control and integration into your controller's scenes, rules and scheduling for any other included Z-Wave devices.

Brand: Linear

Z-Wave Plus Options Available
Submitted on 04/22/2020 Alarm Grid

The Linear PD300Z-2 is a standard Z-Wave plug-in lamp dimmer module. It has two (2) outlets, with one being for Z-Wave smart automation control, and the other being a simple pass-through outlet. By connecting a device (usually a lamp), you will gain the ability to control the device remotely and have it activate with Z-Wave smart scenes. Just be aware that the device has a limit of 300 watts, and it cannot be used with non-resistive loads, which includes CFL light bulbs. The fact that this is a classic Z-Wave device also hurts it, as superior Z-Wave Plus models are readily available. Also the device is discontinued, and you can no longer buy it new. If you find a used model somewhere, it should still work with a Z-Wave or Z-Wave Plus network. Overall, this is a fairly outdated devices that we would no longer recommend purchasing new. If you have an existing model already enrolled, then it should still work just fine. Otherwise, get a Z-Wave Plus model instead. We give the Linear PD300Z-2 a 4 Star rating.

There are positive aspects regarding the Linear PD300Z-2. It doesn't require any wiring, as you can just plug it in and enroll it with your Z-Wave network. This makes it perfect for DIY users. The device also makes an excellent repeater, as lamp modules tend to be. It will start repeating signals once plugged in and enrolled with the Z-Wave network. Many users get these devices simply for improving their mesh networks. However, it is important to understand that this is an outdated model, and most users will achieve better results by getting a Z-Wave Plus plug-in lamp dimmer module instead. But there was a time when the Linear PD300Z-2 was the best available. We give it 4 Stars and say to continue using yours if you already have one. If you are in the market for a new Z-Wave device, then get a Z-Wave Plus model instead.

Good: No Tools Required, Great for DIYers, Z-Wave Repeatrer, Pass-Through Outlet

Bad: Not Z-Wave Plus, 300-Watt Limit, Does Not Support Non-Resistive Loads

Bottom Line: 4 Stars

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The lyric has the ability to toggle a load on this device on and off and pan the load up and down for dimming capability. However there is not a field where you can set a locked voltage as a third setting. Just pan it up and down or set a specific dim level and place it into a scene.
Can you confirm, does the Lyric Controller support the multilevel switch commands with this PD300-Z-s or only the on/off function?
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