Wireless 319.5 MHz iON Plunger, White

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The Nascom 319.5 MHz wireless recessed plunger is compatible with GE wireless. It is part of the iON line of sensors. Purchase yours from Alarm Grid, today!
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The Nascom PLUNGER G is a 319.5 MHz wireless recessed plunger that is compatible with GE wireless systems. It is part of the iON line of sensors from Nascom. It is 3/4" and easy to install. The PLUNGER G recesses into the hinged side of the door jamb and is powered by one (1) CR1620 coin-cell battery coin-cell battery.

The PLUNGER G will work on any panel that supports the GE 319.5 MHz wireless signal. If you are looking for different frequencies, we also have a PLUNGER 2GIG for 2GIG 345 MHz, PLUNGER-D for DSC 433 MHz, and a 5800RPS for Honeywell’s 345 MHz signal.

A plunger sensor is a great option for installations where an externally mounted sensor is not pleasing to the eyes. Rather than mounting in plain site on the frame and the magnet on the door, the plunger mounts in the door jamb. No magnet needed. This almost completely hides the sensor. A plunger sensor makes for a cleaner installation, if that is what's desired.

To install, drill a 3/4" hole for the sensor and a deeper 1/4" hole to account for the antenna. The PLUNGER G includes a straw to slide over the antenna to keep it straight. This provides the maximum transmitting range. The antenna is not to be coiled or cut. If there is an issue with space, you can bend the antenna in half, but it may affect the transmitting range. Please see the product data sheet for details.

Once installed, there is no need to fuss with a lot of maintenance. The CR1620 battery should last up to five (5) years before needing to be replaced. When the PLUNGER G senses a low battery, it will send a trouble to your alarm system. Replace the battery and clear the trouble from the alarm. Please refer to your specific alarm panel's instructions on clearing sensor low battery messages.


  • Sensor Type: Wireless Recessed Door Plunger
  • Compatible Systems: Qolsys Panels w/ 319.5 MHz support, Resideo PROA7PLUS (Requires PROTAKEOVER)
  • Communication: Non-Encrypted 319.5 MHz Wireless
  • Sensor Dimensions: 1" Depth x .75" Diameter (Plunger = .3" Deep)
  • Antenna Dimensions: 7" L x .125" Diameter
  • Wireless Range: >500 Feet, open air
  • Battery Type: CR1620 Coin-Cell Battery
  • Expected Battery Life: Five (5) Years
  • Operating Temperature: 10°F to 120°F (-12°C to 49°C)

Brand: Nascom

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