FitLink Outdoor Wireless Motion for DSC Systems

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The Optex FTN-RRDS is a motion detecting sensor that is used with DSC Alarm Systems. It uses two doubled-layered detection patterns to accurately detect human intruders, while ignoring most other sources of motion. This greatly reduces false alarms. Buy the Optex FTN-RRDS from Alarm Grid.
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The Optex FTN-RRDS FitLink Outdoor Wireless Motion is an outdoor PIR (passive infrared) motion detecting sensor that is specifically designed for use with legacy DSC (433 MHz) systems. Its adjustable coverage range gives it a maximum detection range of up to 16.5 feet away from the sensor.

The FTN-RRDS FitLink works in a manner similar to any PIR motion sensor. It takes a current reading of an area's infrared energy and activates upon detecting any changes. The sensor then alerts the system upon activation, and the system responds based on its programming settings. This can include triggering an alarm and alerting a central monitoring station for automatic dispatch.

By using special SMDA logic (super multi dimension analysis), the FTN-RRDS works to distinguish between the motion caused by a human and motion from other sources. The device also utilizes two dual-layered detection patterns, with one being upper and the other being lower. Both patterns must be activated in order for an alarm to occur. This makes the sensor unlikely to activate because of a pet walking close the the ground.

The FTN-RRDS features an IP55 rating, which makes it suitable for use in an outdoor environment. It can stand-up to harsh conditions such as rain and wind, which gives the user great flexibility in choosing a location for the sensor. Some popular location options include on the front or the side of the house or on a patio. But the user should keep signal range in mind when choosing a location.

The device uses a lithium CR123A battery for power, and it has a max battery life of 5 years. It will enroll with virtually any alarm system that includes a 433 MHz wireless receiver.

Brand: Optex

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