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The Platinum Tools TP150 makes it easy to trace wires and identify potential issues. The unit can detect cuts in alarm wire and provide the user with the location of the cut. This can be very useful if you have a home or business set up with a wired system. Buy the Platinum Tools TP150 here.
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Users with extensive alarm wiring in their homes and businesses can get good usage out of the Platinum Tools TP150 Tone & Probe Set. The unit is very useful for detecting cuts in alarm wire and helping the user determine the location of these cuts. This can make troubleshooting much easier.

A tone and probe set works using two (2) main pieces of equipment. The toner is used to send out a tone across a length of wire, and the probe is used to trace the tone sent out by the toner. A successful detection of the tone by the probe indicates that there are no cuts or disruptions in the wiring. If you have multiple wires set up, then a tone and probe set like the Platinum Tools TP150 can help you determine where each wire in your setup is going.

Another important application of a tone and probe tool is determining if a wire is cut. A cut wire will result in unsuccessful data and/or power transmissions, which will cause your wired security system to not work properly. If the probe is unable to detect the tone sent out from the toner, then you will know that the wire has a break between the tone generator and the probe. This is usually due to a cut or disruption in the cable. This will let you know which wire needs repairing or replacing. Needless to say, a tone and probe tool can make your life much easier if you are working with a lot of wire.

The Platinum Tools TP150 includes both the toner and the probe. The toner has a slide switch with the options TONE/OFF/CONT. The Continuity mode is useful for verifying that a wire is indeed cut or broken. It also comes with clips to test wire pairs and an RJ11 connector that can be used with data or phone lines. Its toner generator output is rated at 1.5 KHz square waveform. The toner measures 5.7"L x 1.7"W x 1.1"D. It weighs 4.3 oz.

The probe includes a recessed push-button that is pressed to activate the tone scanner. Its tapered tip allows for easy penetration of cable bundles. There is a side thumb-wheel to adjust the volume. Turning the thumb-wheel all the way down will shut the unit OFF. It is recommended to keep the unit powered OFF when not in use so as to conserve battery power. The probe sensitivity is rated at 100 Hz to 300 KHz. The probe measures 9.0"L x 1.8"W x 1.0"D. It weighs 3.8 oz.

In addition to the toner and probe, the product also includes a carrying case, a set of 9V batteries for power, and an instruction manual. The TP150 from Platinum Tools is good for tracing and identifying cables on jacks or through walls. The toner and probe are both red in color.

Brand: Platinum Tools

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