Qolsys IQ Lightbulb

Dimmable, Z-Wave Lightbulb for IQ and IQ Panel 2

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IQ Lightbulb works with your IQ Panel, to create a lighting schedule for you home. When using with other IQ devices, such as IQ Doorbell and IQ Motion, you can have a more secure and automated home system.
  • Z-Wave

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The lighting in your home can use up more electricity than you think and your energy bill can rise every time someone forgets to turn off a light. The IQ Lightbulb is not only more energy efficient than other standard light bulbs, but as a “smart” light bulb you can program it to turn and off whenever you wish.

Why spend money on separate dimmer switches and timers for your lamps when an IQ Lightbulb can do it all. IQ bulbs can be dimmed for soft, nighttime lighting and can be programmed to go on or off at different times of the day.

The Benefits of IQ Lightbulb

Have you been thinking about replacing the light bulbs in your home with bulbs that are more energy efficient? Are you tired of poor quality lighting and bulbs that seem to burn out all the time? Do you spend a lot of time climbing ladders to replace overhead light bulbs?

Good lighting is essential in any home for safety and security. Whether you’re in the kitchen or working on a project in the basement, the IQ Lightbulb emits a high-quality, bright light and is energy efficient.

Do you worry that you left a light on or have family members who constantly forget to turn off a lamp when leaving the room or the house? Stop leaving “friendly reminders” to turn out the lights when someone isn’t in the room.

When you replace your standard light bulb with an IQ Lightbulb, you no longer need to worry about if it will be left on or how much energy you’re wasting.

If you have other Qolsys IQ devices in your home that already paired up with your IQ Panel, you can also pair them up with your IQ Lightbulb. Want to turn on the light when the doorbell rings? Do you want the light to turn on or off when someone enters or exits a room? There are numerous possibilities with an IQ Lightbulb.

Specifications of The IQ Lightbulb

One of the many great features of the IQ Lightbulb is that it fits into a standard light bulb socket, so there’s no need to refit your light sockets or lamps with any new hardware.

The IQ Lightbulb has a wireless range of up to 130 feet in open air, has an input power of 120 VAC/60 Hz and a radio (Z-Wave) frequency of 908.4/916 MHz. Each LED bulb has a brightness of 750 lumens, which is the equivalent of a 60-watt incandescent bulb.

The power consumption of each IQ Lightbulb is 9 watts and the life of each bulb is 25,000 hours. To get a better idea of how much 25,000 hours is, it’s the equivalent of 22.8 years if the bulb was put to use 3 hours a day and 7 days a week.

The IQ Lightbulb also works as a Z-Wave repeater. This means that as a device that receives Z-Wave communication, it passes the communication along (or repeats it) to other IQ devices in the network. A Z-Wave repeater increases the accuracy of a network and as a result, makes your home “smarter,” particularly when you have customized settings for automation.

Where To Use Your IQ Lightbulb

As long as you have a standard light bulb socket, you can replace your existing light bulb with an IQ bulb. Do you have a young child who’s afraid of the dark? Replace the bulbs in his or her room with IQ Lightbulbs. Customize the bulbs to be dim at bedtime and turn off after your child has fallen asleep.

Whether you want to control the overhead lighting in your kitchen or the lamps in your bedroom, IQ Lightbulbs are a great addition to any room of your home. Want some “smart” lighting outside? Replace your porch light with an IQ Lightbulb (as long as the light bulb socket is standard). You can pair up to 30 IQ bulbs with your IQ Panel.

Pairing Your IQ Lightbulb With Your IQ Panel

When you’re ready to install your IQ Lightbulb, don’t throw out the packaging or the instructions, as you never know if you’ll need to refer to them later. To get started, switch the overhead light or lamp off and replace your old light bulb with an IQ bulb.

If you are replacing your overhead lighting with an IQ Lightbulb, you can install the light switch lock bracket (which is included with each bulb) to prevent anyone from switching on and off the light.

Once you have installed an IQ bulb, go to your IQ Panel and select “settings,” then “advanced settings.” Next, you will be prompted to enter a code, and you can enter the Dealer code (2222) or the Installer code (1111).

Select “installation,” “home control device,” and then “add device.” You will then be prompted to “pair” the device. Now you can turn your lamp or light switch back on and customize as you wish. Customizing is important if you’re installing more than one IQ Lightbulb or when you want to set up automation rules for each bulb.

Repeat these quick and simple steps with each IQ bulb you install. Although the setup may take a while (particularly if you’re using up to 30 IQ bulbs), the convenience of long-lasting “smart” bulbs is worth the extra time and effort.

Once you have your new light bulbs installed, be sure to keep the light switch or lamp switch “on” so the IQ bulb stays connected with the IQ Panel and continues to work as a Z-Wave repeater. Until other people in your household get used to your new lighting, you may need to leave “friendly reminders” to leave the lights on (or use the light switch lock bracket).

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