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Medical Alert, Panic Button for Qolsys IQ & IQ Panel 2

Qolsys iq pendant medical alert panic button for qolsys iq and i

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IQ Pendant is a wearable device that works with your Qolsys IQ Panel to give you a sense of independence and safety inside or outside of your home.
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Medical emergencies or slip and fall accidents are common in many households, and while many people have their cellphone on them at all times, many have no way to call for help.

The IQ Pendant can contact Emergency Services at the touch of a button, so the response time is quick, and help is on the way right away.

Who Benefits From an IQ Pendant?

Do you have an elderly loved one living with you or does your elderly loved one live alone? An IQ Pendant could be the perfect security and safety accessory for him or her to maintain a sense of independence but help you worry less.

Even though the pendant is ideal for elderly individuals, it’s an ideal accessory for anyone who has a medical condition, who has mobility issues, or who just had a surgical procedure. You don’t need to be elderly or have a medical condition to be an ideal candidate for an IQ Pendant.

If you believe that it would make you feel more secure and safe at home and in your yard, it may be a great addition to your Qolsys IQ Panel.

Specifications For The IQ Pendant

The IQ Pendant is a simple design and is available as a bracelet and comes with a lanyard. The housing dimensions of the pendant are 1.5"H x 1.2"W x 0.6" D, and it’s a sealed unit. Due to the sealed housing, the pendant’s batteries cannot be replaced.

IQ Pendant is water-resistant (but not submersible) and has been tested in 3 feet of water. The device works best in temperatures between 0 and 120°F and functions properly within 100 feet of the IQ Panel. IQ Pendant works outdoors as long as the pendant is within the range. For added security, supervisory signals are sent every hour.

While the battery is not replaceable on this Qolsys device, it has a lifespan of about 5 years. The IQ Pendant also has a “heartbeat” LED and blinks every minute; this assures the user that the pendant is connected and working.

How The IQ Pendant Works

When the individual wearing IQ Pendant presses the button on the pendant, it triggers a medical alert (like the medical panic on your IQ Panel). The pendant is also designed to work with the two-way voice that is built into the panel.

Two-way voice connects the individual with the monitoring agent. If the individual is unable to respond to the monitoring agent, emergency responders or authorities will still come and assess the situation.

If the individual with the IQ Pendant uses the device for security purposes (rather than medical), the device can be programmed to trigger a security alert.

How To Wear The IQ Pendant

You can choose to wear the pendant as you wish. While many users find the watch option to be convenient and comfortable, you may rather wear it as a necklace. Whichever way you decide to wear your IQ Pendant, make sure that it’s comfortable enough to wear every day.

Avoid wearing the device with bulky clothing that may obstruct access to the pendant or that may accidentally set off the pendant’s emergency button. If you wear the pendant around your neck, on a lanyard, make sure it’s not a choking hazard or doesn’t get caught on something if you’re working in the garden (for example).

Syncing Your IQ Pendant With Your IQ Panel

As with other Qolsys IQ devices, you need to sync or “learn” your IQ Pendant with your IQ Panel before you can use the device.

When you’re ready to do this, go to your IQ Panel and select “settings,” then “advanced settings.” Next, you will be prompted to enter a code, and you can enter the Dealer code (2222) or the Installer code (1111).

Select “installation,” “devices,” and then “security sensors.” You can manually add the sensor or touch “auto learn.” Press the button on your IQ Pendant to “learn” it into your IQ Panel.

When you are prompted to select the “sensor type,” choose medical pendant. You will then have the opportunity to customize based on the individual, whether it is audible or silent, and if it’s a medical or intrusion panic alert. The more you customize your pendant, it’s more likely to work accurately and quickly in the event of an emergency.

Once you are finished customizing, press “add new,” and your pendant should appear on the list of security sensors on your IQ Panel. If you have more than one individual in your household with an IQ Pendant, repeat the process.

Setting up and using your IQ Pendant is designed to be quick and easy but if you run into any issues, make sure to keep any packaging and instructional manuals that come with the device. There should be additional helpful tips and contact numbers for troubleshooting.


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