Resolution Products RE208

Hardwired to Honeywell Wireless Translator

Resolution products re208 hardwired to honeywell wireless translator

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The Resolution Products RE208 allows a user to program hardwired sensors with their wireless 345 MHz alarm system. The hardwired sensors will connect with the RE208, and the device will send a wireless 345 MHz signal to communicate with the panel. Buy the RE208 Translator from Alarm Grid.
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The RE208 is a wireless translator designed for use with wireless Honeywell and 2GIG Alarm Systems that accept the 345 MHz frequency. Up to eight hardwired sensors connect with the RE208. The device allows these sensors to work with the panel by sending a wireless signal on their behalf.

Most wireless panels only provide two built-in terminals for normally closed hardwired contacts. If a user wants to use additional wired devices with their wireless system, they will need a wired to wireless converter like the RE208. Using a device like this can help a user save a large amount of money when upgrading to a wireless system, as they will not necessarily have to replace their existing hardwired security sensors.

Any sensors that are used with the RE208 will need to be wired in-line with 4.7k ohm resistors. The device cannot be used with any life-safety sensors, such as smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. If only hardwired contacts are being used, then the device can rely solely on plug-in transformer power. But if the user intends on using hardwired motion sensors or glass break detectors, they will need to connect a backup battery as well. Please note that the translator AA batteries do not drive the powered sensors. Also, the RE208 cannot support 2-wire powered device. The only powered devices it can support are 4-wire. Make sure that the setup has an adequate power supply to ensure that everything works properly.

Note: Alarm Grid recommends using the Honeywell 5800C2W Wired to Wireless Converter instead of the RE208 if possible. The 5800C2W will provide the same functionality as the RE208, but with greater reliability. You can purchase the Honeywell 5800C2W here.

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I have a 6150 keypad. with a vista 120p alarm panel. i want to hook this keypad up on the RE208 and then use the wireless zone to be programmed into the a Lynx 5210 if it is possible. what type of zone do i program the Lyxn with and which wire needs the 4k resistor green or white. I am thinking white.
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